Friday, March 20, 2009


If I remember it right, I got the chance to see the teaser of Taken, a movie led by Liam Neeson's one Sunday afternoon while watching a television show - I forgot the channel. I was amazed and thrilled at that same time. Not because I am a fan of the lead actor (I don't know him actually), but because I recognized the movie.

I told my sister about it. I told her that I saw the movie already. She was like, "Panong napanood eh di pa nga showing?" Then, the assurance came when I remembered where I saw the movie, not once, but twice. In an installment basis. Yes, I saw it twice. The first was the middle part down to the end, and the second was from the beginning to the middle part of the movie.

And so where did I watch the movie? It was on sunny weekdays while traveling. Yes, I saw it inside the bus. I was heading to the office then. It was actually of different days. I just couldn't remember the time or days difference.

Anyway, I also mentioned it to my officemate, who happened to be a Liam fan. I said I was able to watch the movie already. I even told her that my sister

doesn't believe me. Then she apparently informed me that maybe the movie was a pirated copy since it was shown in the US last year (2008). Thanks to

Manongs Driver and Kundoktor. I'm not way behind the movie addicts who craves for hollywood films but don't bother to love their own.

Well, what is this movie all about? The story is about a father, which was played by Neeson, who saved her 17-year old daughter from an Albanese gang inclined with human trafficking. Neeson played a retired agent (secret service) here.

The story is something that would really catch your attention. It's really thrilling and would really bring your curiousity to life on how would Bryan Mills (Neeson) be able to save her beloved daughter from the kidnapping.

The plot is actually very predictable, but the process is not. And that I think what made it a really a good movie to watch. Though I bet it won't be that of a hit. Or I might be wrong. Who knows anyway?

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