Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Best Era of My Life

If there's one period of time in my life that i would consider as the best, that would be the time when i was in my high school. I guess a lot of people will agree to that. High school is absolutely the best part of one's life. It's the time when you experience almost all the 'firsts' in one's life.

As for me, i learned a lot from it - more than the experiences, it's the lessons learned out of every scene you were into that counts.

It was during high school when i learned . . .

. . .that sometimes, it's good to break the rules [especially when it comes to having negotiations with manong guard = we used to leave the school premises during break time - actually, even during class hours - [mas masarap kasi pagkain sa labas ng school...hehehe}]

. . .that it's more exciting and fun when your teachers are mad at you [hahaha...i remember teacher 'zero' (pronounced as 'se-rou'), she have this famous line that even up to now i still manage to laugh when it comes to mind..."Anong akala n'yo sa mga sarili n'yo?Kayo lang ang may K?"]

. . .that roaming around the school premises while class hours is fun! [take note: we have the "PERMISSION TO LEAVE' tag with us kaya ok lang talaga]

. . .that having a conversation with the school guidance counselor is not that freaky [t'was my first year then when our GC asked me to see her because of a particular issue, which happened to be a plain 'chismis'; our GC's famous line, "Hmm...I smell something fishy."]

. . .that it's okay to fail sometimes [i remember my lowest grade then was 80, and that's failure for me...hehehe]

. . .that being kicked out from the honor roll is not a big deal [as long as you have a good bunch of buddies]

. . .that there's nothing wrong with bullying, then seeing the Prefect of Discipline after [hahaha...when our POD asked why we bullied our dear friend/classmate who happened to be our student teacher in Math, my ka-berks said, "Ma'am kasi po inagaw nya ang ex ko." (hahaha...nice one!)]

. . .that talking about your teachers inside a carenderia is not bad [ateng chismosa happened to know who we were referring to and she squealed it to the person involved! viola! our barkada was asked for an 'interrogation' at the Faculty Room (sad to say, i was in the city then)]

. . .that being called to see the School Principal is an experience of a lifetime [t'was us versus the student council president and again, teacher 'zero'; who win the battle? no one, our principal was 'cool' literally]

. . .that cutting classes is the best especially during Physics class [tapos diretso na sa canteen, ready for recess!hahaha...miss that!]

. . .that being 'mataray' will lead you to stardom [yes indeed, i was and that helped in my popularity...too bad...]

. . .that teachers do have the right to back stab their students [ow...if i remember it right, they have this barkada (the teachers), they're like irritated on me because one of them, who happened to be my brother's friend said, "Sinisiraan n'ya ako sa kuya n'ya..." she was very affected Daw dahil nanliligaw Daw ang kuya ko sa kanya...too bad...i didn't even know that "fact"]

. . .that laughing during class discussion is amazing [kaw ba naman, seryoso ka sa pagbabasa kasabay ng teacher mo tas maririnig mong sasabihin n'ya ang mga katagang 'pay day' (pronounced as: 'pai-dai'); malalaman mo nalang, payday (a.k.a. sweldo) pala ibig n'yang sabihin...hahaha]

But aside from all the 'kalokohan' that I learned in high school, there are these important learnings that even up to now, i still carry with me wherever i go. It's when I was in high school that I also learned . . .

. . .how to build friendships even with your once upon a time worst enemy [it feels really good...swear!]

. . .how to fight for what you think is right [i guess that's why most of our teachers used to hate us then, we're not teachers' pet kasi and we really speak out our concerns when needed]

. . .how to create bond with the young batches [it feels good when someone calls you 'ate' or 'kuya,' right?]

. . .how to strengthen your old relationships [i mean yung friends mo back when you were just in your elementary days]

. . .how to rekindle old companionship

. . .how to welcome new people in your life regardless of who they are and where they came from

. . .how to feel inspired [with a bunch of crushes around...ewan ko nalang]

. . .how to stand up even if a lot of people try to pull you down

. . .how to stay with your buddies despite all the controversies

. . .how to keep good friends

. . .how to pray not just for your self but for your friends as well

. . .how to be a good person even if others thought you're not

Above all, I would be forever grateful that it was during my high school years that i learned . . .

. . .how to stick with people who won't [for sure] leave you behind

. . .how to become a confidant and an 'ate' not just to those younger than me but to my kadas as well [it feels really great]

. . .how to love your friends unconditionally

There are actually a lot more. But among the many great experiences I've had then, these are what i cherish most. These are the things that made me believe that 'high school life is really the best.' These are the learnings i will continue to bear with me as i journey through life. These are the memories i won't forever be tired of reminiscing. These are the moments i would gladly share to my husband-to-be, children-to-be, and who knows, even my grandchildren-to-be.

Kudos to all the people who made my high school life both miserable and wonderful. You made a great job!:D

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