Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Left, He Stayed

While I was surfing the net, i came across a blog site wherein i encountered [for the first time] the song What If by Babyface. I became curious with the song so i Googled it. Fortunately, I was able to listen to the song through Imeem.

The song is 'cute.' When I say so, it means i liked it. Di naman ako ganun nakarelate sa kanta but I managed to like it [at least...I even finished the entire song]. After which, I saw the song title in the 'sort of' directory [i don't know how you call it...i'm not into imeem...] 'Forever Best Friends by Puff Daddy.' Again, out of my curiousity, I listened to the song.

After the first line, I managed to recall that this is the song i used to sing back when i was on my fourth year in highschool. The first 'rap' song that caught my attention. I remember my ka-beks [kabarkada] introduced the song to me. I fell in love with it the first time i heard it. It's because of one simple reason, it talks about faith, friendship, and God.

The whole song is really full of faith. But I say, the chorus is the best part of it. It says:

Lord, you mean the world to me
Before I was born you chose me
You always hear me when I'm calling
Even catch me when I'm falling
You're the closest one to me
I surrender all to thee
I want the whole wide world to see
That we've always been and we'll always be
Best friends

Yes indeed, He is our/MY BESTRIEND.

I went through many trials and yes, sufferings for the past months. I'd say, I've been through the peak of disastrous circumstances. I cried for several

times. I even thought, "wala na yata akong maiiiyak pa." I can even recall one time wherein I felt so alone that I just cried myself to sleep. When I was

younger, I thought 'sa mga pelikula at teleserye lang nangyayari yung ganun.' But today I realized, it really happens in real life.

Sa buhay, maraming beses kang madadapa o kaya'y malulugmok ng di mo inaasahan. Maraming beses kang iiyak na tila ba mauubusan ka na ng luha. Maraming beses

kang babangon pero sa bawat pagbangon, kaalinsabay nito ang reyalidad na maaaring mahulog kang muli sa patibong ng buhay.

Dati akala ko 'korni' and mga taong umiiyak at nagsusumamo sa Kanya para lang maisakatuparan ang lahat ng kahilingan nila. Ngayon, napagtanto ko, isa na rin ako sa mga taong minsan kong inakalang 'korni.' Dumating ako sa puntong humanap ako ng sagot sa Kanya dahil sa hindi ko maintindihan ang mga bagay sa paligid ko. Dumating sa puntong kwenistiyon ko Sya.

Ngunit sa likod ng bawat tanong, sa bawat sumbat, sa bawat pang-iiwan, napagtanto kong, kahit kailan, hindi Sya nawala.

My best friend stayed and will stay even if I ask Him to part from me.

My best friend won't leave me even if I reject him over and over again.

My best friend will be my best friend no matter how hard I push Him away.

My best friend will always be MY BEST FRIEND.

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