Thursday, March 26, 2009

Change?: A Political View

If my recollection is right, it was during the past weekend when I first grasp the news regarding a movement being launched for Panlilio-Padaca's 2010 political career. According to news, the movement is eyeing the two individuals as running mates for the forthcoming elections. For what post? Presidency and vice-presidency.

When I heard about it, my initial reaction was, "Oh rEally?" I was thrilled about the thought. From there I saw how eager the Filipino people are for a renewal of Philippine politics. It feels good that there are people who are willing to excert effort just to have a rebirth in our political system. It's another thumbs up for the Filipino people.

But is this 'really' the right move? Is Panlilio and Padaca the 'answers' to the Filipinos' cry for political change? Are they capable of leading a country that is full and is surrounded by injustices, graft, and corruption? Do they have enough expertise and knowledge to rule a 'somewhat' dying country like ours? If the answer is yes, then be it.

Today, one of my colleague asked me about the latest news. She asked for my point of view regarding the issue. At first, I was hesitant simply because I haven't think about it yet. I haven't internalize the issue. If I were to give an opinion, that won't be as objective as it should be. But after awhile, I was able to come up with an answer. And that is, "I want to see their track record first as 'political leaders.'"

I've always wanted change, who doesn't? I've always believed that we are capable of it. And that as well, we deserve it. But how? Politically speaking, I think we, Filipinos are hopeless already. Hopeless of looking for the perfect leaders. I myself is counted. I am one of the many Filipinos who wish for the best. After all, nobody would want the best for thhis nation other than ourselves.

When I reached eighteen, excitement filled me because of the chance to choose my leader. A leader who I believe would be a good example to his constituents. A leader that would stand for the right. A leader who's willing to offer his blood and sweat for the sake of his mother nation. A leader worth voting for.

But, everything changed when I finally experienced the once in a blue moon chance. Why I said so? Because sometimes, circumstances won't allow you to do so. Who knows, right? Anyway, back on the 2007 elections, I saw the real world of politics. I saw how selfish other people could be just for the sake of having 'political power.' I am a living testament on how my precious vote vanished.

I grew up in a family that is active in politics, but fortunately, I grew up as an idealistic politician's daughter. But I won't give any further info about that. That's another story. Though I admit, that made and molded my views on Philippine politics.

Going back, it's obvious, the movement is seeking for nothing other than a political reform. They, like me, believe that we deserve something better than the 'usual.' They too believe that no one could initiate change but us. They too believe that there's still a chance for excellent, nationalistic leadership. There is, and fortunately, it's in our hands.

I have nothing against the two names being tagged as the future of the future. I have nothing bad to say against them. After all, I haven't seen how they were able to catch these people's attention. I haven't seen how they have initiated change in their own districts after their election. I haven't seen their passion in their leadership.

For me, everyone is capable of changing the political status of our country. I believe everyone can initiate change as long as the intention is pure. It doesn't matter if you're a priest or a disabled. What matters is, you are willing to offer nothing other than selflessness. After which, everything follows.

One more thing, change can't be done in just a fraction of a second or a snap of a finger or overnight. It's something to be done everyday. It also doesn't necessarily have to come from anyone, for it comes from within each one of us. We are the greatest tool for change. We, the Filipino people are the best machinery towards the advent of a better nation.


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