Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sometime, Somewhere, Someday

Lately, I engaged myself to tweeting. I was never interested to it but my best bud asked me to. So just for the sake of obeying her (kidding). Anyway, I am the type of person who sings what I feel. I mean, whenever I feel bad or good, or whenever I feel inspired or something pisses me off, I always end up singing what I feel or at the very least, listen to music that would help me balance my emotions. Okay, you get it. Of all the feelings I could feel, I sing most whenever I am inlove or yeah, sort of broken hearted (though I am single, weird? hahaha).

The catch is, I saw Christian B.'s tweet, and the moment I saw it, I knew the song he was pertaining to explains best my emotional state at the moment (kinda drama? hahaha). Really, I just thought the song is so fitted to me (is it? mmmm). So here, I just want to share the song, and maybe, from there, you would know where I am coming from (so cheesy, but not emo. hahaha).

by Ryan Cayabyab

We speak but the words we say mean nothing
We smile but the smiles we give are wanting
We look upon each other's eyes,
No spark, no glow, no real signs, but we both know
This is all for show

Until that sometime, somewhere,
We could show the world we have each other
Sometime, somewhere, we need not hide our feelings
We just keep on believing
That we both have the time together
Sometime and somewhere, our lips would be free at last
To say the words we've hungered to say
And we won't have to worry, we smile, we won't say sorry
One look and we have cast our fears aside

Sometime, that sometime we'll turn to forever for all time
Somewhere, our somewhere would not be just one place but everywhere

Until that sometime, somewhere,
We just have to be content with stealing glances
Somehow, content with saying nothing, smiles that are always wanting
Though deep inside it hurts because we know that our love,
Like love is what it is, it's what we got
Our love, like love will have to wait until that sometime, somewhere


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My Piece and Salutation

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Piece and Salutation

I have a lot to be thankful for. One of those is, I need not to go out of the country just so I could live a better life.  I have friends who grew up in the absence of one of their family members, while some of them are actually my friends themselves. Whenever I hear them saying how much they miss their absent mom, dad, sister or brother or their families, I couldn't just be thankful enough that no one in my immediate family has to leave, neither I.

Nonetheless, I cannot perfectly say that no one in my entire family is not working outside the country. I have cousins who, unfortunately, need to work abroad just so they could help sustain the needs of their families, and their personal needs as well.

Some of them are close to me. I could not trade to anything the joy of seeing them whenever they're home. Nothing beats the happiness of being with them and sharing the bond that we have. And then the thought would linger, how I wish they'd stay and not leave anymore.Yes, they are the new generations' heroes, but do they really have to leave just so they'd become heroes?

I believe that the government can only do so much to actually eradicate the emerging number of Filipinos working abroad looking for greener pasture. I do know it's not that easy, but it's never impossible. 

Personally, I would not want that the coming generations would just get used to having an absent mom or dad. A nightmare, that would be. I do not want to wake up one day realizing that most of my friends and family members are leaving this country because they are hopeless.

We say that the family is the basic unit of the society. But how would that be when most of our family members are leaving. How then can we have a good society when the best of the bests are not satisfied with what this country can give?

With all these, the Filipino families suffer most. Should we really need to allow this to happen? I do not want to. 


To my friends and cousins abroad:

I salute you for your courage. I salute you for dreaming big not just for yourselves but most importantly, for your families. I salute you for conquering homesickness especially during the times when you have wanted to be by your family's side. I salute you for being there not because you want to but because you needed to. I salute you for being brave enough in facing the challenges of being away from home. 

You are an inspiration to me. I wish someday I won't just be saying these things here, but to you guys personally. :)

Most of you, I miss a lot. Everyday, I am looking forward to seeing you in the same land where I am now. :)

God bless.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My birthDAY is Over

Okay, after one year of waiting, I am finally, officially a year older. Nothing's new though, aside from the age, I still look the way I have always looked. :)

Anyway, I received a couple of surprises. I had fun before, during, and after my day. Let me share more on those occasions at   my sanctuary.

Just to give you an idea, a day before my day, my manager treated our team at Italianni's. It was actually a multiple celebration. Since part of it was my birthday celebration, I made wishes (a lot!:)) and blew my birthday candle. So thoughtful people. :)

During my day, half of it I was not okay, but my best friend's birthday treat (which was supposedly my treat) made me forget about that low moment. We headed to Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee and Coffee Bean. Truly, it was so memorable. A serene celebration that maybe only some would appreciate. It wasn't glamorous, but it was sweet and spontaneous. Oh, another dear friend of mine, surprised me with a birthday cake, and the people at the resto where best friend and I ate also surprised me. I just so love surprises! ")

A day after my birthday, with best friend again, we went to Green HALO in Cubao Expo. It amazes me to find new places that catches my interests. New places that maybe a lot of people have no knowledge on. Oh, how would I forget that my manager and our graphic artist gave gifts to me that same day. Really thoughtful and sweet people. :)

Anyway, I had fun. I really did. Just couldn't be thankful enough for all the thoughtfulness and sweetness these people have shown to me. 

By the way, to everyone who did not forget my day, a million thanks. For those who did, thanks for forgetting. :) I'm just so grateful. :)


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