Sunday, August 21, 2011

So This Is Goodbye

Been out of the blogosphere for quite sometime now. I actually am thinking of leaving for good. What I haven't decided yet is, should I delete the whole thing or just leave it as it is?

When starting anew, you have to leave some things behind, right? For that reason, I guess I'll give it a month, and delete the whole thing. This blog has been a part of me for quite sometime already. Had my fair-share of good and bad. Well, I guess it's mostly good though since I rather keep the bad ones out of the web people's eye. Just me being safe. :)

Anyway, so what led me to leaving? I just thought I need to let go of it and go back to journal writing. I thought perhaps Facebook is enough. I thought it's time to be really serious with life and just leave all my opinions to rest in my family and friends' ears - and my journal's pages too! I guess I've shared enough to people who I honestly do not know, but was comfortable of doing it anyway. :)

It's time to grow up and do something else rather than blog. It's time to widden my horizon. It's time to let go of the idealistic stuff I've mostly writtern here. It's time to say goodbye. After all, all things come to an end, right?

As I bid goodbye to my Dreamer's Avenue, I say hi to new opportunities of sharing my thoughts. I know there are a lot more - not just blogging. I still would want to call myself a blogger though, but this time, a blogger who has more sense rather than just writing something just for the sake of having something to post for a certain day. Admit it, most of us do blog for that purpose.

It's time to be more serious with life. I'm not saying that blogging is not serious, as that depends on who blogs. For me though, blogging was a part of my younger years, and I am no longer that youngster. If ever I go back to blogging, I would want to be a blogger with deep sense rather than a blogger who just blogs to get attention and gain praises from other people. If ever I go back to blogging, I would want to blog thoughts that matter rather than nonsense pieces. I would want to become a blogger worthy of people's time. I would want to become more of a writer than a blogger.

To those who took time to pass by, co-bloggers, thanks for reading my thoughts all throughout. Thank you for your comments and for taking time to share your personal thoughts about the things I've written here. Thank you for being nice. :)

In a month's time, A Dreamer's Avenue will finally rest.