Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Simple Things

Simple things make me happy.

Simple corny jokes make me laugh.

Simple efforts are appreciated.

Simple gestures make me smile.

Simple persons make me admire them all the more.


I am just a simple person with simple dreams, simple happiness.

My day is coming in just a few days now.

My wish? All these simple things to remain as it is, for all these simple things make my life more meaningful and happier.



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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back On Track

It's been awhile. It was like I had a month of hiatus from the blogosphere, but I was able to blog hop once in a while though. Anyway, the month of May was like the turning point of my own universe. I think that sounds a little "eh?." Well, aside from the fact that we had the elections, which made me really nervous for quite sometime, there were a lot of decision-makings along the way.

You know what I learned? It's that, in everything that comes, at the end of the road, you always have to make a choice. You always have to gauge which thing do you really want or need. He won't give you everything, but you are assured of one thing, once He gives you something, it's always the best. :)

Maybe some other time I'll take time to share. But for now, I guess I have to envy you with one of the best things I had this summer. Read it HERE. :)