Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Simple Things

Simple things make me happy.

Simple corny jokes make me laugh.

Simple efforts are appreciated.

Simple gestures make me smile.

Simple persons make me admire them all the more.


I am just a simple person with simple dreams, simple happiness.

My day is coming in just a few days now.

My wish? All these simple things to remain as it is, for all these simple things make my life more meaningful and happier.



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gillboard said...

simple is perfect.

kikilabotz said...

just a simple greetings..

advanced happy bday . ^_^

goyo said...

yeah! being simple is the best. :)

napadaan lang po..sana makadalaw ka din sa tahanan ko.. :D

goyo said...

salamat at bumisita din kayo. Let's follow each other, para updated tayo sa isa't isa.hehe. :D

goyo said...

na-follow ko na po tong blog na to. nasa blogroll ko na din po kayo.. come again and check it. :)

Diamond R said...

Nagpaparamdam lang, have a nice day.
From Diamond R.