Wednesday, March 9, 2011

40 Days

let us be reminded of Jesus' sacrifice for us.
Today is Ash Wednesday.

For Catholics like me, today is not just a hint that Lent season have started, but this day reminds us that we came from ashes and that to ashes we shall go back.

I read the Didache reflection for today, and I was reminded to make my own sacrifice as the Lent season comes to its beginning. While I was at the Church hearing mass together with my parents this morning, I was at the same time thinking of what sacrifice will I be doing this Lent.

I thought of a lot of things, and suddenly I thought that perhaps I shall take a hiatus from blogging for this Lent. I know, this is not really a big sacrifice as compared to what others do. But for someone who loves to blog, and that blogging has become a part of her life, this is a big sacrifice already.

Taking a hiatus until Easter Sunday is not that easy. Imagine more than a month of not updating my blog, at the same time, more than a month of keeping my thoughts on the side. It is really going to be hard, but that is what sacrifice is all about right? Doing something hard, something not pleasurable perhaps for the glory of God.

Other than this, I intend to do something unusual everyday. Perhaps fasting in many ways and forms. 

Aside from the thought that it's Lent season, I also offer my daily sacrifice as a form of thanksgiving to Him, for He has blessed me with a big blessing. Something I will share when I come back.

My dear co-bloggers, and those who intentionally or unintentionally pass by my blog (by the way, my blog stats show that there are a lot of visitors each day, thanks to you guys), see you until after forty days. :)