Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thank God for 2010

The year is finally coming to an end. It has brought me a lot of wonderful memories I will keep and cherish for the rest of my life. I had my share of laughters and tears. I had both the good and the bad. Definitely, 2010 is a year that brought me a lot of learning in life.

I guess it is only right that before the year comes to its finale, I thank the people who became part of my 2010's life's journey. I need not to name names for you know who you are. 

To my family, thank you for always being there. Thank you for allowing me to be just myself whenever I am with you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for I know I will always have you especially when the world becomes rude. Thank you for becoming my strength when I am weak. Thank you for being my laughter when I am sad. Thank you for showering me with love, patience, care, and understanding. Thank you for backing me up when things are not going my way. Thank you because I have you. I know for sure that I will always have you as long as I live. 

To my friends - from childhood, teenage years, college years, and friends from my previous jobs, thank you for the love and the friendship. Thank you for sharing a part of yourselves to me, as well as for allowing me to become part of your lives. Thank you for all the good words, as well as the not so good. Thank you for always being there every time. Thank you for letting me discover a lot of things about myself. Thank you for all the things that I have learned from you. Thank you for the companionship. Thank you for making me laugh, as well as making me cry. Thank you for lending an ear from my corniest jokes to my saddest stories.Thank you for your warm embraces and sweet smiles. Thank you for becoming a family to me. Thank you so much. I hope you would still be with me as the new year comes. 

To my former colleagues, thank you for sharing your professional expertise with me. A lot of you have become my friends, who I will forever be thankful for. 

To those who never believed in me, thank you. Thank you because I have learned a lot from you. I have grown up because of you. Thank you for now I strive harder to become better. 

To those who broke my heart in different ways, thanks as well. I have become a stronger person because of you. Thank you for at least making me realize a lot of things. Thank you because I have learned a lot. Thank you because I know somehow, sometime in your lives, you have allowed me to be into it. Thank you for you have played a huge role in molding my better self. Thank you because you made me go through one of the things people need to experience in life.

To people who came and left, thank you too. Thank you for passing by.

As they say, people and things come for a certain reason. Some may leave, while some may stay, but then again they came because they're meant to. There's always a purpose why you've met them or why you have gone through a certain experience.  

As the year closes, I just would want to pray that the people who become part of my life will continue to be blessed. That they may continue to receive the blessings they deserve from the good Lord. I pray as well that they may continue to be part of my life, and that I too may continue to have the pleasure of becoming a part of their lives. 

I have to say that I will end this year with a joyful heart for I know God has been so good to me. I am excited for the coming year for I know God is about to unfold a lot more wonderful things for me and the people I love. 

Cheers for a great year that is coming to an end.

Cheers to a new and exciting year!


Friday, December 10, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

"Santa can you hear me, I've been good this year, and all i want is one thing."

In two weeks, it's gonna be Christmas! I feel a little sad, because I know for sure I won't be opening even a single gift. Add to that, no Christmas party to attend to. Isn't that really sad?

Anyway, though that is the case, I still would want to share my Christmas wish list. Who knows, things might change? Suddenly, someone might think of giving me something to open on Christmas eve. 

What I want for Christmas:

- a really good book (a handy Bible would be the best)
- lots of pen (of different colors - been influenced by a friend)
- a cute journal (something that looks vintage)
- a very useful and cute organizer 
- more true friends for keeps
- a long-lasting job
- a love that lasts a lifetime
- happiness for all
- peace in every person's heart

More than the material stuff, I am looking forward to receiving gifts that would make me a better person. I am hoping to be blessed with gifts that would mold me to become the person God wants me to be. With all honesty, it's hard to list down material things that I want. Maybe because I know in my heart that it's not what I need. After all, I can always buy one when I really want it - I just need to work hard first and not ask it for an instant.

Also, I guess I have really grown up. Looking at my list, I am no longer looking forward to having something that would only last a few days. Now, I am more into gifts that would not only benefit myself but others as well. :)

(Advance) Happy Holidays to All! :D

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Special Day for ADA

Happy Second Birthday ADA!

Who's ADA? Well, it stands for A Dreamer's Avenue! :D

Drum rolls please....

Anyway, what would I say? The past blogging year has been great. It has opened me to something new. I never thought that my once anonymous blog is now on its debut to stardom (wishing upon a falling star, hahaha).

Seriously, I'd want to take this opportunity to THANK all the people (parang sa awards night lang, hahaha) who have visited my blog, people who stayed connected to my blog, people who once came and never came back, people who read my thoughts even if most of the time it's so cliche and sometimes even boring, people who read but opted to stay anonymous to me, people who in one way or another have enjoyed ADA.

Thank you so much. Like I've said before, I started this blog out of personal reason, and so I never thought it would come this far. For its two years existence, all I can say is, it made me realize how much I love this blog. This blog is going a long way pa. 

For those who always visit ADA, I promise to share more of my personal escapades here. Expect that there will be a lot of changes as I begin my third year. Perhaps the coming blogging year would be more interactive as I will try to answer comments from my dear co-bloggers. If time would allow, I'd love to meet some bloggers as well. I also would want to expand my virtual world meaning, I'd want to know other bloggers and their blog sites as well. :)

Again, thank you and I do hope you'll stay still with me in the years to come. Happy blogging! Happy birthday to my dear ADA! :D

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Music and Me

I have a very articulate ear when it comes to music. I love soulful music, which I can relate to. I love mellow sound, which for me is associated to mellow voices.

I am choosy when it comes to who sings the song. I love to listen to voices of people who can make my heart melt. I hate loud music, which means loud voices as well. I know most of us Filipinos love the "birit" factor. We adore people who sings high notes. Well, not me.

I adore singers who doesn't need to belt out, but rather sing from the heart. For me, a real singer or musician is someone who could make the person listening to them feel what their song is all about. I salute those who can make people relate to their songs. Those who sings with real emotions and not just after hitting the high notes.

Among foreign singers, I love Boyz II Men and Bryan Mcknight. I love their songs and more so, I love their voices. They're really musical geniuses.

As for the local ones, I love Aiza Seguerra, Juris, Side A, Freestyle, South Border, and just recently, the Ezra Band. The latter is a newbie, but I just so love the voice. I don't care much about the sexuality. The vocalist is far better than other singers who are given huge chances in the music scene. Oh by the way, I also love RJ Jimenez's music.

I feel bad that people nowadays (I'm talking about here in the Philippines) are so hooked with artists or should I say singers who actually do not have what it takes to be called one. I know, I know, I am of no authority to say this, but I'm just pissed off knowing that the music industry nowadays are just after the money. They don't develop great talents anymore. Thus, they settle for those who actually cannot sing.

Musicians such as Ezra Band and RJ Jimenez are two wonderful talents that only if they're given the chance to make it big in the field that I believe is theirs really.

Lately, I've been engrossed in watching videos in YouTube. It amazes me knowing that there are a lot of talented Filipinos out there, who sadly are not given the breaks they deserve. I was watching Joseph Vincent, Gabe Bondoc, and AJ. These three are actually Filipinos living in a foreign land. I think they're actually making names already in the music scene in their respective places. Really, Filipinos are born to be musicians.

A Little Personal Revelation

I love music. I love it badly. Unlike other people though, I am suppressed to live music. I am somewhat frustrated because I did not have the chance to be properly trained, and was never encouraged to pursue what I love most. I love to sing, and I love the feeling when people are pleased whenever I sing. I love the feeling of being asked to sing over and over again, just because they love me singing.

No, I am not like Charice, Sarah, or those other singers of their genre. I am more into soul music, more into inspirational ones.

By the way, I bought my first guitar without letting my parents know about it. I saved a quarter of my allowance just so I could buy my own guitar and learn how to play it. After three years, I now own a better guitar, a white guitar that I just so love. What made it more special to me now is, because of my guitar, I could now sing my own compositions. Sad to say though, I am shy to share it yet. Maybe one day, when I have enough courage, I'll share it to other people. :D