Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My birthDAY is Over

Okay, after one year of waiting, I am finally, officially a year older. Nothing's new though, aside from the age, I still look the way I have always looked. :)

Anyway, I received a couple of surprises. I had fun before, during, and after my day. Let me share more on those occasions at   my sanctuary.

Just to give you an idea, a day before my day, my manager treated our team at Italianni's. It was actually a multiple celebration. Since part of it was my birthday celebration, I made wishes (a lot!:)) and blew my birthday candle. So thoughtful people. :)

During my day, half of it I was not okay, but my best friend's birthday treat (which was supposedly my treat) made me forget about that low moment. We headed to Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee and Coffee Bean. Truly, it was so memorable. A serene celebration that maybe only some would appreciate. It wasn't glamorous, but it was sweet and spontaneous. Oh, another dear friend of mine, surprised me with a birthday cake, and the people at the resto where best friend and I ate also surprised me. I just so love surprises! ")

A day after my birthday, with best friend again, we went to Green HALO in Cubao Expo. It amazes me to find new places that catches my interests. New places that maybe a lot of people have no knowledge on. Oh, how would I forget that my manager and our graphic artist gave gifts to me that same day. Really thoughtful and sweet people. :)

Anyway, I had fun. I really did. Just couldn't be thankful enough for all the thoughtfulness and sweetness these people have shown to me. 

By the way, to everyone who did not forget my day, a million thanks. For those who did, thanks for forgetting. :) I'm just so grateful. :)


There's a lot more to share. Go visit the link below. :-)

PAMELA'S SANCTUARY: Unleashing the adventures of my life.


goyo said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Go to Green Halo Cafe people! :)

kikilabotz said...

alam ko namang nagreet n kita dati..hehe. nwei congrats sa isang masayang bday celebratio ..^_^

Pamela said...

@goyo: salamat. :)

@kikilabotz: maraming salamat din. :)

gillboard said...

Belated happy birthday!!!

Pamela said...

@gillboard: salamat. :)

GLIP said...

belated happy bday, pam. ano kayang gifts ang na-receive mo from your boss and graphic artist?

Pamela said...

@GLIP: thanks! :) my boss gave me something like body mist, while our graphic artist gave me a blank-paged journal (if i may call it), and then i asked her to do my caricature. :p 'twas cool! :p

by the way, i could hardly access your blog.

Fjordan Allego said...

awww.. sorry! ngayon lang ulit kasi ako nakadaan dito! Anyway, sana hindi pa huli ang lahat hehehe Happy Birthday! :))


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