Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Piece of Realization

Letting go is really hard not only in love but in other things as well.

Today, I realized that not being too attached with the people around me won't give me much of a heartbeak if they decide to go for further journey. I am saddened with the news that one of my colleagues is leaving. We may not be that close, the fact that he considers me as his little sister affects me somehow.

I encountered this dilemma during my two previous jobs. The only difference is, I was so affected then, and I was the one who left. I got so close with my batchmates that my heart bled when I left them (I resigned from my company). I realized from those experiences that leaving someone behind is painful (though I also believe that the feeling is mutual with being left behind). It crushed down my heart seeing them tormented with my decision.

But now, I was able to manage it well. For I have learned that I should be professional enough in handling my 'professional' relationships. I do not want to encounter the same predicament again.

I remember what a DJ once said, "Never get too attached with your workmates because no matter how you do not want to, they will always seek for better chances and will leave you behind." Yes indeed, that's why rom the time I heard those words, I promised myself that the next time I meet new bunch of professional friends, I won't be too attached so as not to cause myself any lamentations once they decide to go - and vice versa.


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