Thursday, March 26, 2009

Monday Escapade

I'm done reading my nth book authored by Paulo Coelho. To be exact, the book is entitled, 'Brida.' Though it took me a couple of weeks before I finally read the conclusion, it doesn't matter. The important thing is, I'm done.

I don't intend to do a book review here, so I'll start ranting my last night's escapade. And the story goes like this . . .

Since I wasn't able to go to mass last Sunday, I decided to just catch up on yesterday's seven o'clock mass at EDSA Shrine. It doesn' matter if the gospel wasn't the same as on a Sunday. What matters to me is, being able to go to mass. So right after the clock turned six o'clock, I hurried my self going to the biometric to log out.

I was struggling so hard to catch up the bus that was about to pass our building. Fortunately, I made it. Almost twenty minutes has passed aleady and I only have around forty minnutes before the mass starts. I got impatient aleady (since I was in a hurry nga). Manong driver couldn't drive faster than he should. He drove the bus as if it's running out of engine. Worst is, he followed the bus infront of him. It's as if our bus is being tagged along by the other bus.

My mood changed adversely, I was hopeless aleady. I know in myself that I won't be able to catch up the scheduled mass. More to that, Manong Driver also stopped for long in every bus stop station. It's as if everybody's going to ride on their bus. Though I understood well that like me, they're just doing thei jobs. But being too insensitive is what I'm ranting about.

But I cannot blame them, because maybe they thought their passengers are not in a hurry. They thought it's okay to wait up until their bus runs out of space for occupancy, and that nobody would argue with them about it. But I believe, if ever, that would be a lame excuse. After all, I guess they should also try to understand their passengers.

Now, you might think, "Ba't di ka nalang nagtaxi eh nagmamadai ka naman pala?" My reasoning goes like this, first, I can't afford a taxi ride (Uber sa kamahalan sumakay ng taxi kaya dun nalang sa mas mura). Second, I was expecting that there's no such incident (I did not anticipate that there would be traffic kasi it was Monday, at walang traffic pag Lunes). Lastly, it was tried and tested already (minsan na akog nakarating ng Ortigas na naabutan ko ang mass kaya ang way of thinking ko is paerho lang nung dati).

As expected (half-way), I didn't make it. I arrived during the communion. So my mass turned to praying silently while waiting for it to end. Wala akong choice but to just have a personal prayer time instead of attending the mass. But, sabi nga, there's always something good after every bad 'scene.' I learned na EDSA Shrine do have an Adoration Chapel (well, I hope I'm right...I still have to confirm it pa pala). At least now I know where to go during trying times wherein I always seek for silence or in other words, inner peace.

One more thing, I also learned that I do really have to control my being impatient. Though I did not argue with Manong driver nor did I make dabog or things like that, I know he saw my facial reaction. My face then was a perfect example of being irritated. Well, at the very least, I still managed to stay as calm as possible. I still manage to handle my irritation though it shows. At least, I was able to still visit the church (yun naman kasi ang importante).


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