Wednesday, October 21, 2009


" Do we live in the physical world that we can touch, or do we live in the world that we create in our minds? "

I think most of us tend to live in both worlds. There comes a time when we live in reality, while sometimes, we tend to live in what we call, fantasy land or fantasy world so we could spare ourselves from the hassles we get from the physical world.

On one hand, being in what we call real world is not easy. There are a lot of anguish, there are failures, wars, hatred, so on and forth. There's also happiness but we don't usually see it because we're too preoccupied looking at the negative side of life.

On the other hand, there's fantasy land or world. Sad to say, it only lies within our minds (or does it really?). This is the world that we supposedly is enjoying but we don't because we are too insecure of one another. This is the world that only gives joy and happiness. This is the world where our distant dreams are real. This is the world where no one is being left behind, no one suffers, no one is selfish.

Now, as for me, I guess I live in a physical world that caters what I have in mind. ^_^

Is that what you call, Law of Attraction at work? (Oh, that's another thing. ^_^)


Note: The quoted text above is from the movie, Sassy Girl.


fjordz said...

minsan, kahit nabubuhay tayo sa mundong ginagalawan natin, sa loob nun, binubuhay pa rin natin yung mundo natin sa kung ano ang nasa isip natin. Gaya ko. Naman. Ang tagal tagal na pero hindi pa rin makapag move on.. badtrip!

Pamie said...

alam mo, i used to have the same dilemma as yours. i haven't moved on, not until i decided to move on. bro, it's you who decides for yourself. do not let the past continue to bother you kung gusto mo na talaga magmove on. ^_^

fjordz said...

Pano ba? Ilang beses ko nang sinabi sa sarili ko na enough is enough pero wala eh. Siya pa rin talaga ang hinahanap ko. Nagiging sobrang unfair na nga ako sa iba eh. Kasi sinasabi kong mahal ko sila pero sa totoo lang mas mahal ko pa rin siya. parati na lang akong nakakasakit ng damdamin ng mga babaeng natutunan na rin akong mahalin pero hindi ko masuklian dahil nakatali pa rin ako sa nakaraan..

fjordz said...

nasa blogroll na rin kita! hehehe..

basta, ayaw ko na munang gambalain siya.. magpakasaya na lang siya.. darating din naman siguro ang para sa akin eh.. sana.. sana.,.

Pamie said...

as for me kasi, i just woke up one day and told myself to stop. what i did? umiwas muna ako. i'm still dealing with it now kasi it was just last month that i've made the decision. alam mo kasi, kahit anong sabihin kong ways on how to get over your past, ga't kaw mismo you don't embrace the thought of letting things go, wala din. but let me suggest something, (1) keep her out of your sight. see her again pag ready ka na. meaning, the feelings have subsided na. (2) busy yourself. gumawa ka ng mga bagay na pagkakaabalahan mo. keep your mind preoccupied. by that, malelessen yung probability na isipin mo sya. lastly, pag di talaga, eh di balikan mo na. ^_^

Stunted Male said...

Hi Pam. I consider my mind a good companion. I normally keep it fed with my heart. Our minds are ours to use. And I'm glad it's working for me well right now. I conjure my own experiences. This is why I almost always do not dwell in my problems because I'd rather enjoy dwelling in thoughts that will improve me. After I've confronted my emotions as honestly as I could, I fantasize about how wonderful life is. Then I wait for it to become reality as I constantly condition myself for it in thought and action. I hope I'm making sense...

Pamie said...

hi SMILE. ^_^ then that's good to hear. i hope that'll continue so you'd always have that positive outlook in every area in your life. i think the law of attraction applies to you, isn't it? or maybe what they call, power of the mind? ^_^

nice to hear from you anyway. ^_^