Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is This Goodbye?

Never did I blogged about my work. I may have shared some moments during work, but not that the entire post is all about work. Today is going to be different. I need to unload some thoughts I have tried to keep. But since I do not know who to share these, I decided to just share it to you.

I have been in my current company for almost a year now. So far, it has been the longest period I ever stayed in a company. I have been to two other companies before this. I cannot honestly say that I love the work. I guess it's more on, I have learned to love the work because of the people I am working with.

When I first stepped at the office premises and started doing my job, I told myself that I will just stay up to my sixth month. But that was not the case. I have learned to love the people, the environment, the easy life I have at the office. Though there were times that I have been loaded with a lot of work, I never thought of (officially) quitting. I really did enjoy everything along the way. Maybe I joked about resigning but it was just up to there.

Lately though, I started to become a little confused. The company started doing some major transitions. As these transitions took place, there's this thought in me that my stay might be put to an edge. Meaning, there's really a chance that I might loose my job.

I work as a writer but the department where I belong is into search engine optimization. I love writing. It has always been my dream to become a writer, and definitely not an seo copywriter. The company is about to take another major transition. That is, they're planning to make our department a full-pledged seo (marketing) department.

I was not asked once, but a lot of times already if I am interested into shifting from being a full-time web copywriter to becoming a full-pledged seo copywriter. Like what I have always said (to my bosses, colleagues, and friends), never did I get interested into the seo thing. I never neither plan nor take into consideration shifting to that kind of industry. It is not that I do not want to grow, it is not that I am not willing to take a new challenge, not that I do not want to leave my comfort zone. It is just that I know in myself, I will never be happy with it. I know in myself that I will just be forced to do that, and that is something I do not want to happen. To be into something that my heart is not into.

I am sad. I know I am. I do not know why when things seem to be okay, news such as this would come along my way and seem like it tries to ruin the happy feeling I have for the past few days. Now I am tormented. Now I am confused.

What do you think? Is this going to be goodbye? 


I got to face this new challenge. Got to journey the path intended for me soon. ^_^


wait said...

Are you a risk-taker?

Pamie said...

hmm.. that's a tough one. it depends upon the situation. but with this case, it's more of, i just don't like the work really. i have tried it na kaya i know why i do not like the work being handed to me.


Anonymous said...

mag resign ka na.. bata ka pa.. marami pang opportunity na nag iintay sayo. kumakaway.

saka sa galing mo, nakow, mabilis ka makakakuha ng work...

hirap mag work pag di ka na masaya. ako?

di pa pd mag resign. may responsibility na naka atang sa akin, ndi work related, family.
ako na nagbabayad ng bahay nmin ngayon. hehehe. kaya I'M A SUCKER.. hehehe

engel said...

in times like today finding a new job would be difficult. are you sure you want to leave now?

why not try to look at the new position as a challenge. you said it yourself, when you first came in the company you didn't expect to stay as long as you did. maybe the same will go for the job.

precious said...

u had d choice to leave or stay in ur company as long as ul nver regret it afterwards..

but i suggest sna b4 kang magresign hanap ka muna ng kapalet pra sure..hirap din kc 2munganga s wla..

sows said...

hay, usapang work..

labas ako jan...

next topic pls..


bsta ingat lng pam..kya mo yan!
AJA! :wink:

Random Student said...

Don't say goodbye. Try it first, but when you find it difficult at first, don't quit just yet. Give the learning process a chance to see fruition. This means that you have to give yourself the chance for two phases: 1) Train for the new designation 2) Put the new knowledge into practice. If by phase 2 you've come to the point of recognizing your strengths and weaknesses and they tilt to finding another job, then quit. If they tilt to improving your new-found skills, then target a higher position within the department. I almost quit. I thank God I did not. Take it from me.

Pamie said...

@RANDOM STUDENT: i tried it na po. i was trained beforehand for that position. that is why i am very firm at my decision of not accepting it. it's not my forte. i tried to learn it pero seems like di talaga kami swak nung job.

i just pray everything will be settled. if ever the decision is the other way around, sana they'll let me stay up to December.

still tormented though. i appreciate how you guys take time to give some advice. i badly need it. rest assured i am listening to each of your advices. at the right time, i will come up with the decision.

Random Student said...

so nasa 2nd phase ka na pala. junction time na. since andyan ka na nga, you can ask yourself this question on a daily basis to make your work bearable as long as you are still there: "how can my new-found skills improve me as a person on a long-term basis?" You see, if i had not taken a certain job in the past where I lasted only 3 months, I would've not been able to perform well sa current job ko. optimize events in your life to clearly see what God's ultimate purpose is for you. nothing is wasted. everything is ALWAYS useful by the grace that only God provides. it just takes us to be intuitive so that we may not get lost along the way.

Pamie said...

@RANDOM STUDENT: i'll take your words. i will really take utmost time to think things over before finally making a decision. thanks a lot. ^_^

wait said...

There may be harm in risking...
but remember that there can also be regrets in doing nothing.

fjordz said...

alam mo, sana ganyan ako mag-isip nung grad ko nung hayskul para naman mahal ko yung kurso ko ngayon. Kasi ang lahat sa akin ngayon sa course ko eh sapilitan na lang. Pero wala eh, graduating na ako. Kailangan kong ituloy na lang though alam ko sa puso ko na hindi ito ang gusto ko.

Pamie said...

@WAIT: Thanks for your advice. I'll keep that in mind. ^_^

@Fjords: FYI, I did not took up journalism because I so wanted it. I actually took it up because of my mom and other solicited advices from people who know me. I wasn't sure what to take up then din kasi. fortunately, I've learned to love the course. so when I graduated, I promised myself to stay on track. meaning, to pursue the craft. pero i think i will be heading to another career as well, but still related to my course (i guess). ^_^