Friday, October 16, 2009

Before Leaving Humanity

Okay, I know the title of this post sounds creepy. But hey, I am not leaving as in dying yet (well at least not now). I went through some sort of blog hopping when I got the chance to read one blogger's post about the things he would want to do before he dies. Yeah, I got this idea from him (I found it interesting anyway).

So much for the intro, let me share the things I would want to do before leaving planet Earth. So here it goes.

1. I want to become famous. Not that I want to become a celebrity, perhaps famous in social work or something related to making a difference (help the poor, send someone to school, something like that).

2. I want to become a lawyer. I would want to prove that not all lawyers are liars. :)

3. I want to meet the man who's destined for me and I to him.

4. I want to get married. I want it to be solemn. You know, just me, my husband-to-be, and the people we love. I don't want it to be extravagant. What matters is, everyone will get to enjoy the moment.

5. I want to bear a child. Maybe four kids would be enough.

6. I would want to travel the world with my family.

7. I want to learn how to swim (though I had basic education on swimming, I still do not know how).

8. I want to try extreme sports.

9. I would want to leave a legacy. Maybe getting involved in community outreach programs or founding a foundation for the kids.

10. I want to meet famous people.

11. I would want to write a book.

12. I wish to be able to sing in front of a large crowd.

13. I want to break rules!

14. I want to experience true independence.

15. I want to gain a lot of friends (with different personalities so I'd learn a lot from them as well).

16. I want to try eating exotic foods.

17. I would want to see my family - all of them - in a good social state.

18. I want to have my own space (a house would be great, a condo would be fine).

19. I want to learn how to drive and own a car.

20. I would want to create a lot of wonderful memories with my loved ones.

There you go. Those are just some of the many aspirations I have. Those twenty things I wrote are just some of the many things I would want to accomplish in my lifetime. So far, life is not that rude to me. I have my fair share of goods and bads, but that's okay. I must say, my life is well-balanced at the moment. I may not have the love of my life yet, but at least I have a good work that satisfy my needs, friends who bring joy, and a family that inspires me.

How 'bout you? What are the things you would want to do before the final day comes? ^_^


sows said...

me? aside from all the world's good things, i wanted to taste a creation of tagalog?

yumaman at magka boipren! huLOLs..


i want
i want
i want
i want

hav u take an action for this? nang gugulo lng..bat b?!

alkapon said...

you have a lot of wish.. so, i wish that you will achieve those things.

mmm. for me, i wish there will be no more war, no more anger, no more floods and typhoon, no more corruptions and our country will have to recover from poverty, etc. etc.

just dropping by.

gillboard said...

nice bucket list.

and thanks for the visit. i've added you to my bloglist.


wait said...

"I would want to write a book."
--looking forward n this one : )

Pamie said...

@sows: sa ibang nakalista, yes, i have taken an action. sa iba, not yet. gusto ko yung trip mo. trip ko din yun. ang yumaman at magkaboipren. charos. hahaha.

@alkapon: salamat sa pagbisita, naway bumisita ka ulit. ^_^

@gillboard: thanks for adding me. i will add you as well. and oh! thanks for the inspiration. got it from one of your posts.

@wait: i'm looking forward to doing it din. hehehe. sana soon. ^_^

shea said...

ok na ba puso mo?

literal at figuratively? haahha

Pamie said...

@shea: natameme ako sa tanong mo ah. anyway, literally speaking, ok naman sya. di naman nag-aaberya. figuratively, ok na din, finally. yun oh! hahaha. ^_^

Anonymous said...


sasabihin ko sana,, weh? stir!

ahehhee.. pero pag nagkita na lang tayo hehehe.

but I hope your heart is okay...

Pamie said...

shea, nasaang lupalop ng mundo ka ba? hahaha. anyway, uu, maniwala ka. ok ang puso ko. kwento ko pa nga sayo kung bakit. pagnagkita tayo! hahahaha