Monday, October 19, 2009

I Was Scared But I Conquered

I used to be scared of a lot of things. I used to be scared of the perils of life. I used to be scared of other people's judgment. I used to be, so that means, that was before. Today, I must say, I am not scared anymore. I am not scared of the things that life may give me.

I was then scared to ride a taxi alone, but when I finally did it, I realized, it's amazing riding one.

I was then afraid to take mud slide, but when I tried, I got addicted to it.

I was then afraid to speak in a large crowd, but when circumstances allowed me, I felt it was worth doing again.

I was then scared to sing in front of other people, but when I did it, I felt good at how they reacted.

I was then scared to fall in love, but when I allowed myself to fall, I couldn't trade to anything how amazing the feeling was.

I was then afraid to get hurt, but when reality hit me and I found myself into it already, I realized that getting hurt made me become the person I have become today, better and stronger.

I was then scared to fail at school and at work, but I realized life won't be complete without failures. It is the spice of life, definitely.

I was then scared to cross a busy street, but when I finally crossed, I was very proud of myself.

I was then scared to make friends for they might judge me, but when I opened myself to the thought of making friends, I realized how wonderful it is to have a lot of friends around.

I was then afraid to take risks, but I realized that taking risks is part of our everyday life and that it had made me become a better human.

I was then afraid of losing my loved ones, but when they left, I realized, nothing is really permanent on earth, even people leave.

I was then scared of disappointing my parents and the people who believe in me, but I learned that not at all times I have to live with other people's expectations. I learned that not at all times I have to please other people. After all, this is my life and I am the only one responsible for it.

Life is really very short. So why would we let ourselves be deceived just because we are scared of doing things we want to do or at least try something we haven't done yet? Let me say this, do not let hesitations rule over you. Do not be afraid to leave your comfort zones. We only have one life, so why waste it from being scared? I guess nothing is more scary than being regretful at the end for not allowing yourself to explore what the world has in stored for you.



Random Student said...

naks growing na si pam. growth is an unforgettable experience nga.

Pamie said...

yeah... i am proud of myself, really. it's not easy to get up from a not so good fall after all. ^_^

anyway, at least i can tell the difference now, and i must say, there's no harm in tying nga dahil madami kang matututunan along the way. ^_^

wait said...

yeah there is no harm in trying'

i have always been a risk-taker myself.

wait said...

posting this entry is also a risks
: )

Pamie said...

oh, never thought of that. oo nga noh, sharing those stuff here was about taking a risk. ^_^

Alkapon said...

i was not also scared to anybody in this world except those "scare-giver".

i'm brave enough to face al my enimies and i never scared to anyone.. except my love one. it's my wife. (takot ako sa kanya, parang tigre). he he he

napadaan lng.. tenk yun beri big sa pagdaan at komento mo sa aking site.. na-add na kita sa blogroll ko.

Stunted Male said...

contradictions. how long do we see ourselves contradicting ourselves?

JuneAngas said...

Hi Pamie,

nice blog ha. narealize ko nga rin na may mga scarie moments din ako pero kailangan i-overcome, pero sometime im a big loser hindi ko kinakaya ang ilang mga fears ko na minsan eh may malaking effect sa buhay ko... well.. tnks for this life moving message.