Thursday, October 15, 2009

On Climate Change: Let's Take the Lead!

Typhoons, active volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, landslides, earthquakes. These are just some of the natural calamities that kept on bogging us these past few days and months. There have been lives taken, dreams forsaken, future left hanging, families broken because of the occurrence of these calamities. Are we going to allow another calamity to take place? Better think about it.

One major reason that led to these calamities is climate change. Our country is a living testament that climate change could be rude to humans. That it could take not just our sources of living but our sources of joy as well - our families, friends, relatives, fellowmen.

If I remember it right, this year, I did not feel the heat of the summer's sun. I felt like there was no summer season at all. During our country's summer period, it was raining hard. Now, when supposedly it shouldn't be raining that much already, it does. Perhaps not everyone is aware or haven't noticed that something awkward is happening in our environment. Something out of the ordinary.


In about seven months, the Filipino electorate is about to elect new sets of leaders. What made it more exciting is, we are about to elect a new president. A new leader who we hope could address all the important issues in the country to the best way he/she could.

One important issue that he/she should give importance is, climate change. In my humble opinion, it's time that our forthcoming leaders should set aside personal agenda, instead, focus more on things that matter such as this. I believe nobody wants another Ondoy and Pepeng tragedy. I believe nobody would want tsunamis, earthquakes, and other natural calamities to destroy our native land, our beloved planet, our lives.


On the other hand though, we should not just lift it all up to the government. As ordinary citizens of this county and of the world, we have to start doing something. Changing our routines would help a lot. Stop throwing garbages just because you're lazy enough to look for a garbage can. Stop illegal logging, mining, and other human activities that would destroy our environment, that could lead to something we do not want to happen.

We just can do so much. Let's do it together NOW.


sows said...

beys! hehe..

climate change? awts..uo nga sobrang init kninang umaga samen taz biglang umulan! grbe! kya tau binabalikan ni mother earth eh!

hays...lets take action dapat! :lol:

Random Student said...

I used to maintain a socio-political blog. It started off hopeful. Almost tourism-oriented. I wanted to unite those that my blog can reach into an awareness of a united Philippines. United in diversity because I look at our country from the perspective that everyone, no matter how unique, is vital to the image-building and collective change process. Unfortunately, it caused me heartache, so I ceased doing it. I can just imagine how difficult it is to be a barangay chairman or a mayor or a constituent or even a President when the direction that everyone wants to go to is not the same. I reckoned what's the point of hierarchy or government system if our desire to move forward is of various directions? When it comes to addressing the challenges in our environment, how more diverse are we going to go about the issue of a cleanliness drive? I always remember the banana peel I saw in our elevator office.

wait said...

Random Student - ill call that a comment blog post hehe " P

Anyways.... There is nothing in this life more constant as Change.

Random Student said...

@ Wait: Aba-aba-aba at narito ka rin pala LOL.

@ Pam: Instruction done (haha!), na-add na kita sa blogroll page ko. just click on my name here.

Pamie said...

@random student: amp. wala nalang daw ako nasabi. anyway, i'm still keeping my being idealist. there comes a time na nawawalan na din ako ng gana sa thought na posible pang magbago ang mga bagay-bagay. pero pag naiisip ko na pano kung lahat ng tao ganun ang pag-iisip, bumabalik nalang ako sa paghohope. btw, thanks for adding me. i'll add you up as well.

@sows: hawak kamay para sa pagbabago! charos. hahaha. pero yah. weird na talaga mundo ngayon.

@wait: jose marie chan is that you? hehehe. pero that's right naman talaga. walang constant in this world except for change. anyways, thanks for dropping by. ^_^

p0kw4ng said...

di lang sa pinas kundi ramdam yan sa buong mundo...kakatakot..kakalungkot..

sana nga lang hindi pa huli ang lahat para magsimula ng pagbabago..hindi lang gobyerno...hindi lang grupo ng mga environmentalist ang kailangan magsimula kundi lalo na ang bawat isa....simulan sa sarili mismo!

Pamie said...

@pokw4ng: isang malaking check! change should start from within, from each one of us. ^_^