Friday, October 30, 2009

Missing Home

I miss home. I have been living away from home for more than six years now. I seldom see my family. I only get to see them when they come over or I go home for vacation. When I was still studying, sem breaks, Christmas breaks, summer breaks were my most awaited times of the year because I got to spend those with my family in the province. Now that I am working, chances are so rare.

Last year, I spent Christmas here in the city together with my sister and her family, and our eldest brother. That was the first time our family spent the holidays apart. We used to make sure that during Christmas and New Year, we're together. Sad to say, there are some things, some traditions that have to change now (no matter how unwilling we are to change them).

In two months time, we will be celebrating Christmas and New Year again. If I have one greatest wish for the coming holidays, I wish our family would be able to celebrate it as one again. I wish our family would be able to share each other's joy for the coming season together.


Nothing beats the feeling of celebrating the Christmas season with your loved ones. It's actually the essence of the holidays.


wait said...

Ako never pa kami nakumpleto ng family esp christmas / new year...
Lagi kase nasa labas ng bansa si erpat.

You hit the last two lines : )

Anonymous said...

nya.. kaya nga nag tyaga n lang ako mag-uwian kesa mag dorm eh..kahit malayo kinakaya ko..

pero di kami nakukumpleto pag Christmas talaga. Ako lagi lumilibot sa kanila.

ok lang yan.. for sure pd ka nman mag leave sa work mo para maka uwi dis christmas di ba? sama ako? toinks..

theLastJedi said...

' home is where the heart is.. and the idea of home is not just the place but the people you care most about that reside in it..
- i know how it feels.. geezz, back in college.. i go home to my hometown every chance I have..
' cool space you got here.. and i'll proud if you add me to your roll.. keep it up! =)

Pamie said...

@wait: hai. mas mahirap nga yung sayo. :)

@shea: hmm, shea, imaginin mo kung mag-uwian ako. wow. patay ata ako nun. hahaha

@lastjedi: sure! no prob. :) you add me up as well ha? :) thanks for visiting. :) balik ka ulit.

yiN said...

siks yizzzz????? huwaaawww.. ako nga six months pero atat na ko makauwi eh, hindi ako makauwi ngayong todos los santuts... kaya mu yan, dagdagan pa natin ng 6 yrs hehehe.

mr.nightcrawler said...

nothign beats christmas when celebrated with people you love. haay.. lapit na christmas :P first time sa blog mo and i have a feeling it won't be my last.. ayos :P smile

Anonymous said...

this one really made me feel blessed for having all of my family with me during important occasion such as this.

nice post and nice blog. ill definitely stop here in your blog again sometime.

pansin ko lang parang ang daming first post sa entry na to :)

gillboard said...

this will be the first holiday na may trabaho ako... huhuhu

Pamie said...

@yin: hehe. oo nga, another six years pa. tas after, another 6 years ulit. hai. thanks for visiting! visit ka ulit. :)

@nightcrawler: salamat sa pagbisita. ^_^ hmm.. i'll be visiting your site as well. :)

@endym: pansin ko nga din. :) anyway, salamat sa pagdaaan. daan ka ulit! :) you're blessed kasi you don't have to work or study far from your family. hai. :)

@gill: kaya ayaw ko ng night shift na work at foreigner ang boss kasi walang kawala kahit holidays eh. ^_^

Fine Life Folk said...

It's true and I don't mean to make you lonelier by stating here that every Christmas, we're always complete. I just thank God that we get to do that yearly. Although what I miss really are the bigger gatherings of our clan -- with cousins and other relatives. As a kid, we had kasi. These days, some have gone abroad already. It's no longer the same as well.

fjordz said...

aww.. ganyan din ang nangyari sa akin.. for 4 years every sembreak lang ako nakakauwi ng tagal tagal sa amin. Pero this last sem ko sa College, nagdecide ako na maguwian kahit na may work din ako at the same time. Feeling ko kasi mas magiging okay yung mood ko pag kasama ko yung family ko.. hehehe

precious said...

pam, this holiday season take ur family out...i mean, its about tym na ung hard-earned money mo eh magamit s maganda (kc puro ka lakwatsa..hihi)

hay..makabili n nga ng pang gift! :lol:

Pamie said...

@ate precious: hahahaha. you hit me you know! hehehe. uu nga e. yun nga din naisip ko. peo i've treated them na before, sa tagaytay. i guess i need to do that again this season. ^_^

whitepaige said...

wow naman po sa tagaytay pa..mayaman c ate..hiihih ktas ng pagod sa ka2trabho..gling