Wednesday, June 10, 2009


In our lifetime, people do come and go. Some would just pass, while others would keep us company. But among those many people who came our way, there’s this someone who’d surprisingly be our confidant as we go through life. Someone who we can’t live without. That someone is called our “soulmate.”

A soulmate is not necessarily someone who you will end up with. He doesn’t necessarily need to be your someone special. A soulmate is a person who shares the same passion as yours. Someone who you can’t stand a day without. He is someone who might look like you or perhaps share the same talent as yours. A soulmate is someone who will stand by you until the end even if the world turn its back from you.

Of course, a soulmate is someone of different sex. He’s someone who you can confide everything and anything under the sun without feeling awkward because you know that he accepts you no matter how worst you can be. He is indeed someone who you can’t afford to lose.

Each one of us is entitled with our own soulmate. Lucky are those who found their soulmates in the person of their husbands or wives, or perhaps in the person of their boyfriends or girlfriends, or at the very least, with their best friend. Lucky are those who finally found their soulmate. That one person whom they can’t stand living without.

As for me, I still couldn’t figure out if I’d found my soulmate already – though I felt like I have found him, perhaps it’s too early for me to conclude that indeed he is my soulmate. For now, I would want to believe that one of these days I’d come to realize that my soulmate is actually just right before my very eyes.

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