Monday, June 8, 2009

New Hair

This is actually a super duper late post. I actually had my hair cut last May 31, 2009, exactly a month before my birthday. It wasn’t planned, not at all. Supposedly, I was just going to accompany my sister, but my mom insisted so I gave in (and it’s for free! Care of mama…hehehe).
Then I decided to have it trimmed only, but I changed my mind. I thought perhaps it was the best time to have a new look, a new me. Unlike my usual parlor scenario, I was so calm and excited to get my hair done.
As the hairdresser cut my hair, it was like I am also cutting all the bad strings attached to me. Parang may orasyon while everything was taking place. Actually, I was talking to my hair. I was saying sorry kasi I had to cut it.
After which though, I felt lighter. Parang less baggage. It was like nabunutan ako ng tinik. I felt a new me is yet to come or perhaps has come. I was all-smile as I walked out of the parlor. Feel na feel ko ang new hair ko. It made me feel better, really.
Mama and my sis were telling me na maganda daw yung cut and that it’s something new though I know in myself na di magtatagal yun ‘cause once na binasa ko na, the truth is, hindi sya magiging ganun kaganda at kaayos. But then again, I felt the moment. I enjoyed having my new hairdo.
Anyway, cutting my hair is parang buhay lang yan, for you to be able to go on and continue the ride, you have to dispatch some of your baggages. Minsan kasi may mga bagay na di na kailangan pang dalhin kasi makakabigat lang. Mga bagay gaya ng bitterness, hatred, sadness, pain, grudges, and all the other negative stuff that could be associated to these.
Cutting my hair was like cutting all the bad memories, bad parts of my journey. Leaving nothing except the good ones lang. Cutting my hair was like a process of letting go of all the heartaches and headaches that I’ve gone through. Cutting my hair was like a celebration of a brand new day, a brand new life.

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The Pope said...

Wow, now you got a great new sassy shorter hair style, your hair will benefit by appearing healthier, bouncier, and less heavy!

You'll notice it will take a lot less time to style and dry, as well.

This Ricky Reyes pamangkin giving you a hairy advice... hahahaha lolz.

Thanks for the add and have a great day.