Friday, January 28, 2011

The Blessing Called Life

God has been so gracious to me. Of all the things that happened and are still happening, I could feel how God continuously blesses me.

Days ago, I had to visit my cardiologist. Yes, I have a heart ailment that needs to be treated. Though I am in such condition, living a normal life has never been a problem to me. Sometimes people around me would tell me not to do this and that just because they thought I couldn't. Actually, I hate to be treated that way. I know they're just concerned, but sometimes it makes me feel bad even more.

Anyway, going back to my story. During my first visit, I had to be given medicines so my tonsillitis and cough be treated. Having cough is okay, but having tonsillitis is not as it may lead my condition to worsen. Wait! Let me just say this, I am not dying. :)

The doctor asked me to have a series of blood tests just to be sure that I'm well. So after I have taken those, I went back to him. There I felt how God worked in my life. I felt so good hearing the good news that I am still in my same old condition and that it did not worsen. Prayers and faith can only do so much. :)

They say, the more faithful you become, the more struggles you need to face so your faith would be tested. I could attest to that. I had been through a few tough times, but my faith has been intact and it never failed on me. Instead, I have become more faithful in every trial that comes my way.

People complain for a lot of things. I used to be one of them but today, I now can tell that there is no reason to complain at all, because there's a reason why you need to go through that certain point in your life. When I learned about having an abnormal heart, I never asked God why . Instead, I thanked the Lord. I considered it a blessing because only a few people have the chance to experience such thing. Also, I considered it a blessing as it brought me closer to my God. 

Everyday I thank the Lord for waking me up. Everyday I thank the Lord for allowing me to experience the joys of life. Everyday I thank the Lord for all the trials and blessings that come my way. 

I shared this story because I know God wants me to. When you think God has been a bad God to you, I say,  try to look at the things around you. There you will see the goodness of Him. He may not answer your prayers right away, but trust that He will on the right time. :)

God bless everyone! Enjoy the life you have and do not let bad things bring you apart from our God. :)


Asthong Kutchong said...

First of all, I am happy to know that your health is getting better. Last year, I got a problem that emotionally killed me. I need to take an emergency leave to solve it the best i can.

My boss advised me that don't take my problem so seriously. As long as you are healthy and breathing, things will be alright and such problem will pass too. I guess he is right.

Pamela said...

hello. thanks for sharing your doctor's advice. likewise, i don't problem having a not so good health. i even feel blessed, because it made me enjoy life to the (almost) fullest. :D

glad to know you're well as well. :D

athena said...

everyday I thank God for the every day that happens to me whether good or bad..
God Bless.