Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On Being Single (and Love)

It's love month again. It's very obvious kahit san ka magpunta. There are heart-shaped decorations in almost every establishment na makikita mo. Love songs? Uso na naman, pati na din love quotes. Of course, uso na naman ang pangungutya sa mga single.

I am one of them. No, I'm not the one who teases. I am the one being teased.

But hey, being single does not make me any less. I am even luckier than those who are in a relationship nga, but are taken for granted naman. A lot of single people thought they're cursed for being one. Well, I'd have to say na you should feel blessed. There are so many things to be thankful dahil single ka. After all, hindi naman nasusukat ang pagkatao dahil lang sa kung in a relationship o single ang status mo.

I am single, yet I love to talk about love and falling in love. Again, hindi dahil single, you don't have the right to talk about love. I had my fair-share of love and hurt. I had my share of katangahan, but that was before. Once you've learned, you should live by it. Meaning, do not commit the same mistake again.

I am single both by fate and by choice. Why is that so? Well, let's just say, I did not plan to be single but I guess Somebody has planned it for me. As I realized things in my life, I eventually opted to stay single until God knows I'm ready for it. Like I've said earlier, when you learned something, make sure na you learned talaga and living with that learning. Useless kasi na you've learned and yet you still do the same things.

Hindi naman ako napaso sa love. Let's just say, may mga bagay akong narealize as I have had that short encounter with love. For once I have to admit that I learned na iba ang love sa infatuation. As you grow older, you'll realize the difference. As for me, I realized I really haven't fallen deeply and truly inlove yet, but I got infatuated many times, including the one I thought was love only to realize in the end na it wasn't love at all.

At this point in my life, I am no longer waiting to get infatuated with someone. I am waiting for real love to come. The love that He has intended for me. I am in no rush though, because I know that the perfect time will come for that. It doesn't matter when, where and how. What matters is, that day to come. So if you're single today just like me, stop thinking as if you're so unlucky to be single, because you're not. Learn to wait for your time. After all, walang magandang kahihinatnan ang pagmamadali, dahil lahat ng bagay na minamadali hindi nagsu-succeed.

Too much about love and being single. Enjoy the love season. If you have no special someone to spend that day with, you might try spending it with family and friends, or para maiba lang, have a date with yourself. Who cares kung mag-isa ka? You should even be proud if you do that. 

And oh, do not forget the true essence of Valentine's, that is, to continuously show our love and appreciation to the people we love and care for, not just on that day but everyday.

Happy Love Month Everyone! =D