Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Princess's Letter to God

Dear God,

Thank you for the best weekend you've given to me. I had fun while my soul was being filled with your goodness and love. Days before I went to the World Singles Congress (WSC) 2011, I knew something great would happen, but I never expected it to be that great.

tumblers given during the 4th CFC-SFL
World Singles Congress
On my way to the venue together with my beloved brothers and sisters in Singles for Family and Life, I was having some bad thoughts. You know what I mean Lord. There were things that consumed my mind. Thanks to my angels, I was able to overcome those bad thoughts, and eventually made some great thoughts along the way.

When we arrived at the venue, I was not in awe. I was actually surprised because I did not expect it to be that way. A typical state U that has a lot of open areas but had a couple of trees only, which made it really hot. But again, my angels kept me guarded. They made me feel at home with the whole place later on that first day at the conference.

During the first night, I was overwhelmed. I was so full of praises to you. I worshiped you. But again, I was a little hesitant to show how much I praise and worship you. I was a little shy. But then, after awhile, I just saw myself raising my hands and singing joyfully before you.

During the first talk, I was struck. I knew then you were talking to me. You told me that, "Hey Pam! You are my princess, and I have prepared a kingdom for you both in heaven and earth." There I felt how blessed I am to have you as my Father. I felt your graciousness and love.

The night ended, and the second day came. It was during the second talk that you made me feel that I am not alone in my quest. That there are other people my age who feel the same way I am feeling at the moment. You re-assured me that I am not the only person on earth who faces the issues in life that I am facing now. God, you truly is the best.

"my God is now my strength" -Isaiah 49:5
When the night came in, I thought it would just be another inspiring night as the third talk is coming along. But God, again, you surprised me. It wasn't an ordinary night. It was a magnificent, a soulful, a great night. During the time Father Arlo Yap, SVD was leading us to reflection, you showed yourself to me. You spoke with me. The next thing I knew was, I was kneeling down, and crying to you while you were there, hugging me tight. You comforted me, and re-affirmed me that I have a strong and big God. It was during that moment that I have forgiven all who have hurt me, including myself. It was also that time when I let go of my hesitations, and said yes to you. It was indeed a magical moment I will always remember in my life.

After that special Saturday night, I felt like my heart was renewed. It's whole again. As expected, everything has to end. During the third and last day, I felt lighter unlike the time I arrived at the conference. When the fourth and last speaker went on to speak, I felt that indeed, I have a great God who's so unselfish and forgiving. 

God, if only I could stay there for the rest of my life, just worshiping and praising you, I would. Having you around with people who share the same passion and love as what I have for you is just great. My weekend was not an ordinary weekend. It was something I will forever treasure and will always be proud to share.

As I left the venue, the challenge was with me. The challenge of doing your will and living not to please anyone else but you. I have with me the challenge to share the goodness of you. I have with me the challenge to stay committed to you.

God, I had really the best weekend of my life. I have to say that all the tears shed was all worth it, for without those tears, I won't realize that I am weak, and that during those weaknesses I am strong because I know in my heart that I have a strong and faithful God.




kikilabotz said...

congratz pam. hehehe. Thats good at hindi ka nakakalimot magpasalamat.

nga pala maraming salamat nga pala sa video bday greetings na ipapadala mo sa akin sa april ha? bwahahaha ^_^

Pamela said...

hahaha. ang advance ng thank you. parang wala ng kawala ah. :D

thanks for taking time to drop by. :)