Sunday, January 16, 2011


About seven years ago, there was a girl who sat beside me on my first class on the first day of my college life. When I first saw her, I thought she was “maarte” and a probable bad influence. Oh, how can I forget, she asked for a piece of paper during that time. Imagine someone going to school without a piece of paper with her – on the first day of school. Hilarious!

Fast forward. Seven years after, I am with the same girl, but with a totally different impression about her. The girl I thought was a bad influence became my best friend. She’s actually more than that to me, because she is a sister. She’s my sister by heart.

If there is one person who knows me well, that would be Med. We’ve been together during the lowest and highest points of our lives. We’ve shared a couple of good and bad. We shared laughter and tears (though I honestly couldn’t remember a time that Med cried).

Melody is a woman by all means. She is tough, yet she has a soft heart. She is driven and passionate. She has a strong faith in God – the reason why she can handle all her struggles in life. She may be late (in almost) every time, but she would always make time for you especially when she knows she’s needed.

Med is a dreamer too. As I am the backpacker, she’s the nomad. She loves to paint, but could hardly find an inspiration to do her passion. She may be workaholic, but she still knows when and how to play and enjoy life.

I am blessed to have this woman in my life. God has been so gracious that He gave me a best friend who could be my source of strength, my shoulder to cry on, my companion, my listener, my counselor, my sister.  The past seven years of friendship we’ve had is really one of the bests.

Melody, happy birthday dear best friend! I know there’s going to be a lot more years of friendship for both of us to share – and I am thankful. I thank you for being the person that you are, and for just being there every time.

Today, as you start a new year to enjoy the goodness of life, all I have is a prayer that may the good Lord make all your dreams come true (I know you have a lot) – you deserve them. I know you have a good heart, so rest-assured that God is preparing the bests for you.

Cheers for the gift of life.

Cheers for the friendship that we have.

Cheers to all the blessings that are coming your way.

Again, happy 24th birthday Melody! God bless. :)

(I am actually on a hiatus from blogging, but I thought this has to be posted. :D Anyone who wants to, can greet my best friend. :D) 


gillboard said...

happy birthday to your friend melody.

ganda ng testi mo ah. :)

Anonymous said...

naks naman kelangan ba talgang maging parehong magnda kapag magbestfren? parang ako..nakipag away muna ako bago ko siya naging tropa. hehe.


Pamela said...

@gillboard: salamat sa pagbati kay bespren. :D

@kikilabotz: anonymous? bakit? :D anyway, kailangan daw ganun talaga. di, joke lang. :D

Ako po si Melody said...

Thank you Pam. :D

Mahal na mahal mo naman ako. haha! chosness! ahihi. ^_^

Melody ulit said...

Alam ko na kung bakit mo nasabing "BI" siguro ko..

Because of my cute brown bob hair! Pano ba yan, mahogany naman hair color ko...may bangs pa.

Med said...

Thanks gillboard and kikilabotz. :)

The Psalmist said...

I may be late but the Blessings that the greetings give is always on time! have a blessed birthday melody… and may you find inspiration to your work of art.

kuya kiko

Pamela said...

@kuyakiko: thanks for greeting my best friend melody. :D ...and yeah, may she find inspiration na kasi sayang ang talent pag hindi naishare. :D

Meadows ^_^ said...

Thanks, Kuya Kiko. Appreciate it a lot. :) Happy birthday to me! kakatuwa, hanggang ngayon birthday ko. ang saya!

God bless you po. :)

Pam: Binati ako ni Kim Chiu kahapon. hehehe. PM ko sayo