Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do You Believe In Destiny?

My former boss once popped up a question and it goes, "Guys, do you believe in destiny?" Okay, it was kind of weird to hear it coming from her. I mean, we're not really that close for her to ask such a question. Anyway, that actually blew me. I mean, I was trying to answer it but I couldn't figure out if I do believe or not.

Whenever I remember that question, I always find myself stuck with the thought of, "Yeah, there's destiny but you have to work it out. You have to do something to find your destiny and not the other way around." In romantic movies, you'd see how magical destiny could be. You'd see how the scriptwriters were able to make the movie viewers believe that yeah, destiny is indeed true. That there destiny exists and that it's working.

When I was a kid, I have always believed that I too will have my own fairytale. You know, the "...and they lived happily ever after" thing. But now that I am a grown up, sometimes I question if there's really such thing. I would, of course, want to believe in destiny's power and magic, but sometimes, there are things that hinder you from believing on it.

Destiny. Fate. Whatever you call it. Perhaps it does really exist. Perhaps it's really working. Perhaps, for some. As for me, I wonder if it does, maybe because I don't really believe in its capability to work things out for me. Whatever the case may be, if there is such, how come I feel like it's not working on me? Or maybe I am just too blind to see, and too numb to feel? Whatever! I'm not bitter or being cheesy here okay, but really, those thoughts came to mind (defensive?hahaha).

Anyway, again I am not bitter, though I might sound like one. The thought of writing something about it just came to mind. I think I have written something similar to this way back, andI guess even if you reread that post, I still have the same views with me.

Now you! Let me ask you the same thing my boss asked me and my friends, "Guys, do you believe in destiny?" Let me add one, "Do you believe in the power that destiny has?"


I actually have nothing to say, and since I did not post anything cheesy way back Valentine's season, consider this as a super post-Valentine post. :p Have a good day everyone! :p


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kikilabotz said...

believe and ull see, feel and hear the power of destiny. goodluck :D

fiel-kun said...

Hi Pam ^_^

I am one of those believers about Destiny... Although, hindi ko pa talaga siya nae-experience personally pero alam kong somewhere out there, is ang taong destined for me.

“It's choice--not chance--that determines your destiny.”

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

yes i believe...........just like now..parang nakatadhana na magiging magkaibigan tayo dito sa blog world..

Elektra said...

I personally believe in so called "destiny". Evidently because I have experience it before and now...

On the other hand, you could be right at one point, that you have to work about achieving your destiny. It is like.. "do your best... and God will do the rest" that reminds me when it comes to the word destiny. Because sometimes destiny is like opportunity it will knock our door and when we are not ready or just lazy to open it... then it will just fade away.

Life is all about choices and decisions, anyway... Nice blog :)

ahmer said...

Do I believe in destiny? I bought a ticket for this roller-coaster ride called Life, and now I'm having fun and hanging on at the same time.

Best psychic said...

I believe that we have a natural course to follow in life, something like a highway. But beyond this path exist other paths, such as short-cuts, u-turns and stops.

Best psychic said...

Know where the path leads on and decide if you want to take it or not! ;)