Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When (supposedly) It's Time to Repent

This is just going to be a short post.

I am just wondering why it seems like people (referring to Roman Catholics most especially) nowadays spend the Lent Season not to neither repent nor reflect but to go on a vacation somewhere else and have fun!

I just feel bad that we tend to forget the true meaning of Lent. I feel bad because it's like a foresight of the future. Maybe ten or twenty years from now, the new generation might consider Holy Week not as holy but a week of enjoying the beach or going places for a vacation and not bothering the season of Lent at all.

I am not against those who take this as an opportunity to relax, but I do hope, that as they enjoy the atmosphere at the beach or elsewhere, they too would think about why we have this season in our calendars. Meaning, may we not forget that it's actually a time for Him. A time to think about our relationship with Him. Most especially, to remember and really put in our hearts that once, Jesus came and saved us from our sins.

That's all.

GOD bless everyone. :)


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kikilabotz said...

uhmm cguro db ibat iba ang way ng pagsamba natin. pwedeng idaan sa pagkanta. pagdarasal, pagsimba, pagaayuno o anu pa

pero ang best thing na magagawa natin ay i enjoy ang bawat segundo na dumadaan sa ating buhay na pinagkakaloob nya sa atin

Sa tingin ko mas magiging Masaya si God kapag nakikita niyang yung mga nilikha niyang nagiging masaya this holyweek. Pero hindi nakakalimot.

based lang po yan sa opinion ko.

Stone-Cold Angel said...

Amen to all the things you said.

Simple answer... Holy week is the only time of the year where you can have 4 days off from work.

Kikilabotz has a point there. Maybe. But the question in the end is...

What have we done to earn a place in heaven?

RICO DE BUCO said...

hunga noh..bkit nga ba ganun...nwei, i think this entry is an eye-opener especially for those people who takes for granted God.

sana its not all about pakitang taong pagpipinitensya..but dapt isinasapuso un.

Random Student said...

ok sana if the act of getting together with friends and family also involve spiritual stuff like reflection. it can be arranged naman sa itinerary in these modern times. and then there are those who simply scratch it off the list of things to do.