Saturday, March 27, 2010

Local Campaign: It Only Just Begun

As expected, 26th of this month marked as the start of the local campaign period. If the national level seem to be full of dramas and yes, noise, the local campaigns have that as well. Actually, they've a lot more than what the national has.

Fortunately, I am home right now. Which means that I saw how the campaign at my place started. Unlike in the metro, I think the campaign here at the province is funnier than what the city candidates can offer.

Yup, I used the word, FUNNY. It's funny because of the word wars among the candidates. Funny because of their campaign jinggles. Funny because you'll hear them speak and then realize at the end that what they're saying are just full of nonsense.

More than the fun though, there's the scary part. The Philippine election is really hot. Actually, I couldn't understand why there are people who use force just so they'll be in the position they're aiming for. (This is a general statement.)

Anyway, as the election campaign starts, I hope that there would be lesser harm. I hope that people will vote not based on the dramas and promises and money these politicians are doing, saying, and giving but that because of the qualifications of these candidates. 

I believe our voters are wiser now, I hope they really are.

To the politicians, I hope everything won't just be promises. I hope you let the people decide who they want to vote and not force them to vote for you just because. I hope, just like the voters, you too have changed already.

GOD Bless.



Random Student said...

this reminds me na i resolved pala not to vote. pero yung iba that will, go and vote wisely.

James said...

i want to hear candidates in the province! sounds cool haha anyway, nice blog here!