Saturday, February 27, 2010

Getting Hitched

Okay, let me clear it up, I am not getting hitched yet. That would be a miracle for now since I am not even committed to anyone. It's my friend who's getting married. Oh yeah, a friend who is a year younger than me is getting married!

It was just this afternoon that she texted and informed me that she's finally settling down with the man of her dreams come April this year. That's about two months from now! I was surprised, but wished her nothing but the best as she finally engage to married life.

Speaking of which, I somehow envy her. Yeah, I know this sounds a little crazy and weird for me, but somehow the thought of settling down comes to mind once in awhile. I guess it's normal for single people like me. There would really be times when you'd question if destiny's doing its part in your life. I am not in hurry though, just for the record.

Marriage is definitely not a joke. It never will. I believe in its sanctity. I believe in its power. I also believe that marriage is a wonderful gift from God. Imagine, you will be with someone who you really love for the rest of your lives, and build a family in realization of God's words. That's really amazing, right?

Anyway, going back, I oftentimes wonder when would I meet the man who God has perfectly created to be my lifetime partner and confidant. I wonder when would be the day that our path will cross, or when will we realize that we actually have found each other already. I am an idealist and a dreamer, I still believe in happy endings. I still believe that each one of us have our own love story to share. A love story perfectly written for us.

I am still in search of my own love story. With my friend, she has finally found hers. In two months time, a new chapter of her love story is about to unfold. In two months time, she will walk a new journey. A journey together with the man that God has intended for her.

As for me, I continuously pray that God may give me the man He has intended for me in the right time, in the right moment. I pray that one day, just like my dear friend, I will settle down and live a contented life with my man and our kids to be.


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kikilabotz said...

hey, im a big fan of your blog. cant deny that. waaaaaahhahaha. hirap talga magenglish tagalog na nga lang.

uhmm wag muna magmadali sa paghahanap ng mapapagasawa. enjoy being single po muna kasi pagnaagasawa ka. baka magkilos single k nman and thats a big no no ryt?

yung isa mong blog ayaw mag pa add sa blogroll ko. wala daw RSS o somethng. hnd ko maintindihan yung problem eh.

Pamela said...

wow. nakakaoverwhelm naman. thanks sa palagiang pagbabasa at pagbisita sa aking munting palasyo sa blosperya.

anyway, i'm not in a hurry naman. i just recognize the fact that one day i will be getting there.:)

with regards dun sa isa ko pang blog, naencounter ko na yung "wala daw RSS o somethng" i just continued the process, inokay ko lang. pero maaadd pa din yun sa blog roll mo. i just don't know kung eepekto sayo. :p

salamat salamat. :p

Random Student said...

masarap ngang may nag-aalaga. hay.

fiel-kun said...

Hi Sam ^_^

Yeah, I also feel the same as you do. Being single is sometimes sad, but more often FUN!

Marriage is something na hindi dapat minamadali... ayon nga sa kasabihan ng mga matatanda, "Hindi yan isang kanin na isibubo, pag napaso ay agad mong iluluwa.."

Enjoyin lang natin ang ating pagka single at pagkabata... naniniwala din naman ako na bawat tao sa mundo ay may naka destined na someone na tunay na magmamahal sa kanya.

Enjoy life!