Thursday, February 11, 2010

I've Got Something New

Okay, I know I am really addicted to blogging. Though I haven't been able to update my blogs as often as I could this past few days, I know in myself that I am so into it.

So what about the title post? I am overwhelmed with how other bloggers appreciate my blog/s. I am so happy knowing that somehow others could relate to me. I am happy knowing that some people really take time to visit my little spaces in the blogosphere.

With that, I am welcoming you to another NEW in me. Got a new home. It's called,

But wait, that doesn't mean I am leaving this blog site, okay? I would just want to share something more personal than what I have in here. Both will be different. Well, my three blog sites are really different from one another.

Anyway, just in case you want to know me better, I think the new blog site would be the best site to go. So there, I hope to see you in my other home as well. :)

By the way, sorry if I seldom comment in your posts guys. I do visit your sites. Just couldn't comment. But I'll do comment soon.


fiel-kun said...

hi Pam ^_^

wow, your new site looks really good. add ko din yan sa blogroll ko :)

salamat din sa pag-add sakin ^^

kikilabotz said...

hmmm title p lang pamatay n ah? haha. ge po goodluck sa new blog m

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...

un na..plugging na ito..hehe

Pamela said...

@joyce: naman! hahaha. ang adik ng trip. sige, tambay lang. :D

theLastJedi said...

' wow.. blogger na blogger nah!!!! =) congratulations and goodluck with the new blog!!!

chie said...

wow! tatlo...
ang sipag naman hehe :)

napadaan lang...

visit my blogs (2 pa lang) too if you have the time.

God bless!