Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Call Them, GOALS

(A Long Overdue Post)

I'm really not into making new year's resolutions. I feel like if you really want to do something out of the usual, you just do it.  For me, resolutions are mere jokes, unless you really mean doing them. But hey, I have nothing against those people who make resolutions.

Anyway, I actually have my own version of resolutions. I call them, GOALS. I have been doing this since I can't remember when already. Every 31st day of December, you'd usually see me somewhere, alone and writing something. I put it on a piece of paper and then I would keep it inside my wallet so I won't see what's in it (until the last day of the coming year). Sounds weird? I keep it as a secret between me and myself. When the time comes, I open it and check if I was able to meet my goals.

For this year, I already did my list of goals. But since I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, I will share some of what I wanted to achieve come the end of 2010. Wow! It's a little exciting for me. A little because I feel more pressured and nervous  about it (hahaha).

Anyway, here are some of what I want to accomplish for 2010.

- It's long overdue. I wanted to be able to go back to school. Oh please laziness! Please go out of my way! I don't need you now (hahaha). I really, really want to go back. I miss being at school. I miss the pressures and all. I miss being surrounded with professors who keep on bugging their students about deadlines and stuff. Oh, I envy my dear friend because she's taking her master's already. Poor me. I need the energy! It'll come, I know. :)

-  Do I need to say it again? Save! It has been a dream that I could never materialize. Up to now, I have no savings! Where did I put my money? Oh well, I guess this time, I really need to be serious on this. That is if, I still have something to save (hahaha).

- I wanted to go places but has no enough urge to do so. I need companions! Who in the world would want to travel alone? Well, for soul searchers that is applicable, but for someone who wants to have fun, I guess that's a big no-no.

- I would love to gain more friends. Not that I want a Miss Congeniality award, but because I want to build more lasting friendships. It's always been a goal I set every year. Who would have wanted not to earn new friends in a year anyway?

- Got a new collection in mind! I'm almost done with Paulo Coelho's and Mitch Albom's books. Now, I am looking forward to buying and collecting Nicholas Sparks' books. I have one already, I still owe myself a lot (hahaha). He has sixteen books as of this writing. So that basically means, fifteen more to go! Oh my. Anyone? :)

- Less talk, less mistake. I have been tactless, I know. That is why I will try to lessen it. I will practice it, I swear. But hey, let me just clear it out. That doesn't mean I will not talk even if I know there's something wrong going on already, okay? I will, still, but when talking is not necessary, you'll hear nothing from me.

- Stop complaining! Oh, let me rephrase that, lessen your complaints. I have started. I am trying to shut my mouth already and just do my thing. It'll be hard, but I guess it's something good. I will still complain though, but if and only if it's needed.

- My mouth should be sealed. If necessary, I'll put a fragile sign so I won't mishandle secrets. Not that I am a spiller, okay? I know when a secret should remain a secret. It's just that I wanted to really shut my mouth more often now. :) Stop being talkative Pam!

- I do not want to rant anymore. That's a statement I vowed not to do or at least get rid of for the rest of the year. I have been  ranting about stuff, and I came to realize, it's too much and that I should stop and just feel good about other things. As much as I could, I want to spare myself from negative things, thoughts, and people this year. Does that mean letting go of something or someone? Perhaps.

- Be more cautious when making decisions. I have the "spur of the moment" attitude sometimes, which means, I decide on things based on what I think and feel right that very moment. That shouldn't be the case now. I would want to practice really thinking a couple or if not, a million times before finally coming up with a decision. I would want to see myself as a more responsible decision maker.

- Lastly, I would want to be more confident. This has been my problem ever since. A lot of people thought I am very confident about myself and that I am not shy. But the truth is, I am as shy as you never thought I am (hahaha). It's hard for me to open a conversation, but once someone has done it for me, and I feel like talking to the person I am with, then you'll hear me talk. I guess this won't take much of my time though, because I have started it already. :)

There you go. This post is really long. I congratulate you for taking much time reading this. Anyway, I hope I would really be able to realize all these. Wow! I couldn't wait for December 31st to come (hahaha). 


The Pope said...

Nothing's late for a change, be it a resolution or a goal, there is always a room for a change at no given place and time. And I really admire your post, I hope I could have the courage to make one too, I love to go back to school, that's for one.

Well good luck to your goals, as they always say, it there's a will, there's a way.

God bless you.

fiel-kun said...

Hi ^_^

Just dropping by to say hello :)

umm, hindi din ako naniniwala sa mga new year resolutions. Nasa sa tao na yan kung paano niya didisiplinahin ang sarili nya upang maging mabuting nilalang sa buong isang taon ^^