Monday, January 25, 2010

I Thought This Has To End


For about a month now, I thought of leaving this blog.

For about a month now, I thought of puting an end to my Blogspot blogging life.

For about a month now, I thought of moving from one blogging site to another.


I realized I couldn't judt leave this site.

I realized I love this site a lot (and the people who take time to read my posts).

I realized leaving is not always the only option.

I realized I can never abandon something that has taken a huge part in my life's history.


I am back on track.

I am now updating not just two blog sites, but three.

I am and will always be happy writing stuff, writing my thoughts, writing about anything that comes to mind.


This is actually one of the reasons why these thoughts came to mind, PAMELA'S SANCTUARY.

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kikilabotz said...

tama. wag mo n pabayaan tong blog na toh. hehe. ganda gnda eh. hmmmm. nanghihinayng tuloy ako sa friendster blog ko. parang gusto ko buhayin ulit. kasi kung ikaw kaya mo ng tatlo . cguro kaya ko naman khit 2 . ahekhek.

tnx pala sa sabi m na ur readers plays a huge part in ur life.hehe. nakakagaan ng sulat lng ng sulat para may mabasa kmi.hehe

kaspangarigan said...

Ang galing mo naman.

Ako 2 lang. Isang English at isang tagalog.

Mahirap yatang magsulat lalo na kung gagamit ka ng reference.

Just keep it up.

Ely Biado

random student said...

eh kaya naman pala slow mo ang dreamer's ave eh kasi may two other sites pa LOL!

theLastJedi said...

' i have decided to leave blogging two months ago.. and i remember you were one of those who left a comment on my final entry.. but here i am, can't turn my back from bloggin'..

i am glad to know that you're still here.. one of the reasons why i came back to bloggin'.. naxxx.. =)