Monday, November 15, 2010

Suggestions Please...

In more than three weeks, A Dreamer's Avenue will be turning two years old!

I'm thinking of what to write, but apparently, I couldn't think of any yet, and so because of that, I am opening this page to solicit a topic for my second anniversary post.

Suggestions (and questions - I was thinking of a Q and A but I guess that won't work much) are so welcome. :)

God Bless Us All. :)


Meanwhile, vote as you please, A Dreamer's Avenue: My Piece and Salutation on this year's PEBA-Philippine Based Finalists. VOTE HERE.

Also, I'd like to say thank you so much to those who voted already and even recommended my entry! Thanks much especially to those who I do not know. I really really appreciate your support. God Bless you guys. :)


There's a lot more to share. Go visit the link below. :-)

PAMELA'S SANCTUARY: Unleashing the adventures of my life.


gillboard said...

q&a would be nice. i tried that once. it was quite fun. :)

advance happy birthday to your blog!!!

Unnamed Psalmist said...

Wow Advance Bloganniversary...
How about a topic on dreams

Pamela said...

@gillboard: i was thinking of it as well kaso parang inappropriate kasi konti lang naman ang nagagawi sa blog ko. :D thanks anyway for the greeting. :D

@psalmist: hmmm. i think that would be interesting. salamat sa suggestion. :D

Nortehanon said...

Hmn, just write whatever is in your heart ;) Yes, it's a cliche, but the most effective written pieces are those that come from the heart ;)

Maupay nga adlaw!

Pamela said...

@ms. n: maupay man na adlaw! :D for sure, i'd take your words. :D thanks for always dropping by kababayan. :D