Friday, November 5, 2010

In A Month

In less than two months, it's going to be Christmas time again. 
In a month, it's going to be A Dreamer's Avenue's second year!

Time flies really fast. Parang kailan lang, I started this blog as a way of pouring out my heartache. It has definitely gone a long way since the day I decided to make its debut in the world wide web. To this date, I am no longer running just a blog but more. Some of which I decided to keep its anonymity. 

Blogging has served me so much. It has been a venue where I could share my innermost thoughts on things I see and believe. It has been a way for my friends to keep updated of what's up with my life. It has served people who don't know me to at least have an idea of who the person behind this blog is.

For a couple of times, I thought of leaving this "avenue" especially when I finally had my domain. But for a certain reason, I just couldn't leave this. It has been a part of me that the thought of leaving it hurts. This blog is special to me for a lot of reasons, but perhaps the most of it is that this is a mirror of myself.

What you see and read is what you definitely will get. This is me. Its simplicity defines me. I am not saying that my other blogs don't, actually if you'll read my other blogs, you'll see my other sides as a person - because there are things I chose not to share here. This is just almost a half of who I am - at least for two years that it has been up. This has been long-running as compared to my other blogs. I guess that too is one reason why I just love this blog.

As I start counting down to my second year in this "avenue", and as I continue my so far five years of blogging, expect some changes in here. Changes not just on how it looks, but on how I deliver my thoughts.

I am just so excited for what is in store for me on my second year. So far, I am just so grateful because I know a lot of people have seen and appreciated this little blog of mine. I am grateful to those who continuously read my posts, and never fail to drop a comment even if I don't usually respond. :)

For now, I want to keep the excitement. For now, I'd want to enjoy the remaining days before this blog turns two years old on the 9th of December. 


Meanwhile, as the excitement grows, please help me with this. Please vote A Dreamer's Avenue: My Piece and Salutation on this year's PEBA-Philippine Based Finalists. VOTE HERE.

Thank you so much! :)


There's a lot more to share. Go visit the link below. :-)

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Nortehanon said...

Congrats on another year that's added to your blog's age. Time definitely flies fast.Naisip ko nga, I really should have started with my own domain noon pa hehehe.

Keep writing!

Pamela said...

hello po! thanks for the greeting. :)

i'll definitely keep on writing, at least in my blogs. :)

The Philippine Guild said...

Finally back. Remember me, your random student?

Pamela said...

@PhilippineGuild: hi! yeah, i still remember you. :)

welcome back. :)

Nortehanon said...

Hi Pam, just dropping in again :)