Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In Time, The Wound Will Heal

 (This has been in my drafts for a couple of weeks now. I wrote this during the time when my emotions were down because of something unexpected. - Indeed, writing is a therapy. Note: This is a little emo. :-p)

Whoever gets to read this, or if the person I am referring to gets to read this, just let me be.

Today I was bombarded with a common fact that sometimes, you just have to let things be no matter how painful it may be. I learned another lesson, which I will bear with me as I continue traversing this road called, life.

I am no longer a baby trying to learn how to crawl. I am no longer a kid starting to learn how to read and write. I am no longer a teenager trying to know herself. I am now an adult. An adult who's bound to experience both the good and bad of life.

Life has given me so much. I laughed and cried. I put a smile on my face and showed some tears running down my cheeks. I loved and lost.

Though I have been through a lot, I never intend to stop. I never intend to surrender. I continuously embrace what's given to me.

I admit, I am hurt. As the song goes, "I can't believe what I just heard. Could it be true?"

Memories flashback.

In life, I've learned to let things be. To not question what's going on. I've learned to keep my silence so as not to hurt anyone. But yeah, the more you keep things to yourself, the more it hurts. The more you try to hide what you're feeling, the more you're crushed down.

I am not a neophyte when it comes to love nor an expert. Just like most of us, I came across the highs and lows of falling in love. But I realized, the best thing about falling in love is, when you expect less from the other person. When you learn to be happy for the person you love. When no matter how painful things may be, you bear it, cry a little, be happy for the other person, and move on.

No, I am not a martyr, not even a hero of love. I am just a human who loves.

"I'd rather hear the truth than believe in a lie."

While writing this, I'm trying to hide the pain from the people around me. I'm trying not to shed a tear. I'm holding back my emotions, but deep inside I know I just want to run home and cry. I just want to feel the pain so I could easily let go of the hurt. Deep inside I know I can't hide what I am truly feeling.

Time heals. Distance does as well. Now I understand why I had to go. Now I understand why I had to be honest to myself for once. Now I understand why it all had to happen. All along He was preparing me for today. He was preparing me for this day.


Yffar said...

Getting caught off guard by a disheartening lie can really hurt a lot. I don't know what happened here, but whatever that is, I hope you are feeling better now.



Pamela said...

@yffar: of course i am doing well now. that's something that has happened already and is now part of my past bank. :D

no worries, i have a lot of smiles to give, genuine smiles. :D

mom said...

You'll be okay. Remember what we talked about that night. You will smile again, my dear daughter.

granny said...

everything will be okay :) promise!

teh said...

teh. keribells lang yan. one day you'll look back on all of these and smile, because u know that u have loved. haggard! :-)