Monday, December 7, 2009

An Open Letter to My Best Friend

NOTE: This is going to be a long read.

Dear Besh,

I think you know now why I wrote this letter to you. Don’t get me wrong here though, I just want to tell you something. Oh wait, don’t worry your name’s not going to be mentioned here.
Anyway, I know that you know that I was really pissed off last Friday. It was like my patience was really cut off.  I wasn’t mad at you, I was just pissed off. So that is clear. I wrote this letter not to reprimand you - though it’s a little like that – but to tell you something I wish for you for the coming year.
Okay, I should have been posting my “Wishes for my Best Friend for 2010” by around the third week of this month, but since your actions pissed me off last Friday, I am posting it now. Going back, you know how frank I could be especially when it comes to you. You know, I don’t treat you like just a besh but more of a sister. You’ve become a family to me ever since we became friends. So I guess, I do have the pleasure to tell you some things that I wish you could change (I wish you could do the same for me, then send it to my email, then I’ll post it here as well).
Know what? I really hate your “kampante” attitude. I hate it when you’ll start telling me that you still haven’t prepared for this and that. I hate your being dependent on time and yeah, to some people as well (like me). It’s not that I do not want to hear your whatever or that I don’t want to help you, it’s more of I just want you to be more responsible. I so hate your cramming style besh.
At work, I could bet that you are so responsible, but in your extras, it seems like you’re not. Have you counted the times that we met at Galleria or at Megamall and you came first (to think that you work around Ortigas and I at Makati, okay let’s not include the times when you were given extra work out of the blue)? How ‘bout the times when you needed something the next day and you kept telling me how sad you were because you still haven’t prepared (to think that you have known that for weeks already)? See? You’re smart, I know that you know what I mean. I am not perfect. I know I am not really in the position to tell you these, but who would? I bet you’ll agree with me that I am more organized than you are (hahaha).
Anyway, so much for that. My other wishes for you are: (1) that you’ll be able to do something already regarding your MBA plans, (2) you’d be able to manage well your schedules, (3) that you’d get promoted because I know you deserve it, (3) you’d find someone that’ll make you happy, (4) you’d be able to really update your wardrobe, (5) that you’d be tougher especially with regards to work-related issues, (6) that you’d keep your goods over your bads, (7) whatever it is that you aspire that you haven’t shared to me yet.
I am not really mean, I just can be when circumstances need it, right? So after all that’s been said, I would want to say thank you for standing by me for the past five years and counting. I have a lot of friends, but it’s you whom I could really share everything.  You know my flaws as much as I know yours. Thank you besh, really. I appreciate everything. I hope that as this year ends, we both will be able to continue our one-of-a-kind friendship ‘til whenever. Hey, you know that I’m just here. I can always be an older sister to you though you are months older than me (hahahaha).
I don’t really care if you’ll tag this letter as a cheesy one, anyway, I can really be cheesy sometimes (or should I say most of the time? hahaha). Anyway, that’s it. If you want to keep this letter, copy-paste it (hahahaha. Do not print it out if you’ll just lose it).

God bless.


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Random Student said...

Sometimes we are to others what we are to ourselves. I posted weeks ago something about this girl who was very demanding and controlling. I realised that she was having personal problems about the issue of control that's why the issue was overwhelming for her to the point that people around her felt the tension that surrounded it.