Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Dreamer's Avenue

In celebration of my first year in blogspot, and in lieu to the changes I've had in this blog, I am as well changing it's name from "It's Surreptitious" to "A Dreamer's Avenue."

I have decided to include changing its name because of my vision that the coming year would entail a new life, new experiences, new journeys, new environment, new surroundings, new blogging year for me. I have envisioned that as I bid goodbye to 2009, I will be saying hello to a new and better life ahead.

It's Surreptitious was conceptualized just so I would have a secret room to rant my feelings, both good and bad. It's Surreptitious kept me companied during the times when I had no one to share my thoughts and whereabouts.

A Dreamer's Avenue will give you an idea about the blogger's experiences as she travel the road to reaching her dreams. It will be an avenue for me to share my triumphs and brokenness as I traverse the difficult ways of reaching my heart's desires.

It's definitely going to be an exciting year for me, and I hope your year would be as exciting as mine as well. :)

NOTE: For those who included me in their blog roll, you could just leave my name as it is (but if you could update it, it would be better. :) ). Thank you! Hope you'd still be there as another year in my blogging takes place. :)



In relation to my blog site's first anniversary, I decided to come up with a list of the things that took place since December 9 of 2008 up to this day of blogging.

But before that, let me first give a short recollection on how I came up with this blog. It was actually days after I had my heart broken when I decided to put up a blog to where I could rant about how I was feeling that time. I have friends but I decided then to keep everything to myself. Since, I couldn't bear the pain alone, and that I needed to let the bad feelings out, I launched this blog site.

I did not intend to make it too public. What I meant about that is, I did not tell anyone about this blog. No one knew about it except for myself and those who happened to just discover it by accident. That as well is the reason why it was named Surreptitious Place, now, It's Surreptitious. The word surreptitious by the way is synonymous to the word secret.

Months after, I guess about ten months after, I decided to make friends with other bloggers, exchanged links, and yes, I made it known to everybody (but before I did that, I decided to delete some too personal posts first). Today, I must say I am happy with my decision. I am happy with how I was able to touch my readers through my words (do i? hehehe), and how I was touched by their posts as well.

Okay, so here now. As what I have said earlier, I am going to share to you some of the highlights of my life for my past blogging year. Here it goes.

It was this blogging year that I . . .

- learned how painful it is to have your heart broken.
- learned how to appreciate even more the little things I have.
- learned that you can never predict what's ahead of you, even if you try to plan things out.
- was able to conquer the night life.
- felt rejected not once, twice, but i don't know how many times anymore (hahaha)!
- learned to love my job and stick to it no matter how bored I was feeling already.
- experienced crying while the bus headed EDSA (I was on my way to work then, just don't ask why please).
- learned to laugh at my problems.
- joined Singles for Family and Life.
- was back on track with my religious community for the past fifteen years.
- discovered my passion to serve other people through my own little ways.
- realized that your family will always be your shield, and your source of joy and inspiration.
- re-established my relationship with my God.
- experienced how to fall a lot of times and stood up again every time.
- met new set of friends that I will forever treasure.
- discovered how wonderful the feeling knowing that someone's reading and commenting in my blog (with that, you're entitled to comment later. hahaha).
- was moved and touched by other bloggers' posts.
- regained my self-esteem.
- regained my interest to pursue my dreams.
- was able to know and learn a lot of things that will be my fuel as I continue my journey.

There's actually more learnings and realizations, but these were the ones who made it on top of my list. So there you go. I hope this coming blogging year, I would be able to share to you more stuff that would somehow move you or inspire you. Also, I wish that I will continue to learn a lot from my co-bloggers' experiences, thoughts, as well as their personal realizations. I also wish I would be able to meet more bloggers in the blogosphere and in real life.

That's all.

Happy Anniversary to My Blog! :-)


The Pope said...

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to your blog "A Dreamer's Avenue (formerly Surreptitious)... and thank you for the wonderful months of sharing a part of yourself to us, wherein we learned, inspired, laugh and cry reading your thoughts in this limitless world of blog.

Life is Beautiful, count your blessings.

fjordz said...

so here you are! one year ka na sa blogspot! wohoo!! Happy Anniversary! Hope to know you more this coming year and to learn more from your daily experiences! More posts! apir!

yiN said...

uu minsan kasi yung iba daan lang ng daan parang hindi naman nagbabasa, kaya eto kokomento ako kasi sabi mo pwede eh, hehehe. pero anyway sabi nga ng bagong titulo eh.. keep dreaming ano, at gawing katotohanan. =)


Ely Biado said...

Ahead ka sa akin ng one (1) month sa blogging.

Dalaw ka naman kung free ka.

kikilabotz said...

whooohh. happy anniversary!!naks dami n pala achievements mo ha? nkiepal lng po. ahehe

Random Student said...

Naks, 6th commenter ako and that's only because I had a hell week recently ha-ha! Anyway, congrats to your decision in making the template color green (or for choosing it). I can't blame you for choosing a flower image for a header. Girls love flowers. And the new title is reflective of your personal thoughts which is what personal blogs are about. Someone wise once told me to put on my costume because I was going to a costume party. I say the same to you. What you put on today will lead you to related places tomorrow.

gillboard said...

Happy anniversary sa yong blog. Many more blogversaries to come!!!

Pamela said...

wow. nakaka-overwhelm naman. :)

Thanks to you guys. :)

@Pope: Rest-assured I will continue to share my journey with everyone.

@Fjordz: I do hope I'll get to know you as well, not just in the blogosphere but perhaps in real life?

@yin: korek. sana di tayo basta dumadaan lang. i think we'd rather not pass by if we're not going to read para di waste sa time. :)

@Ely: welcome to my space in the blogosphere. I'll pass by your blog soon.

@Kikilabotz:ok lang makiepal. walang prob sakin yun.

@Random Student: I honestly always watch out for your comment. It feels good lang reading your comments. I learn a lot e and it really makes me think hard, and sometimes even reflect on it.

@Gillboard: Hope we'd share more years of blogging. I look up to your blog, very kwela pero kapupulutan ng aral. yun oh. :)

Alkapon said...

Maligayang anibersaryo sa iyong blog, huli na yata ang pagbati ko. but better late than never.

good luck, more post and merry christmas.

Rej said...

Congrats. Ang saya magblog no.
Merry Christmas and May you have a blessed year ahead.


bloom said...

pam! this is off topic but i really appreciate your comments on "moving along" haha. I might open up a new blog just so i can still ventilate my feelings. id keep you posted. and id be sure to add you na on my blog roll! kaya pala hindi ko napupuntahan ang blog mo kase your url's not on my list! gah. haha!

Fjordan Allego said...

Hi pam! Happy Holidays!

Medyo hindi yata ako makakapag-online starting tom dahil uuwi kami ng prov.. so agahan ko na ang pagbati.. hehhee!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Pamela said...

@Rej: hi! thanks for dropping by. happy holidays as well.

@Bloom: keep me posted ha. i would love to hear your stories. :)

@Fjordz: hello! happy holidays din. hanggang sa iyong muling pagbabalik (from vacation). :)

Elektra said...

Hi Pamela! I enjoyed reading your blog, you're one of us, (traveler)in life's challenging journey. Happy anniversary! More blogs to come this coming year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Cheers! ;)