Saturday, November 7, 2009

On Track

"Another cycle is coming to an end."

That is how I see the happenings in my life these past few days. I see it as part of closing a cycle in my life. It's not really an end, but a new beginning that would soon take place.

Anyway, let me share to you some of the highlights of some important aspects of my life. Let me share something about myself. Those co-blogers of mine who doesn't know me would benefit from it (well, that is if you want to know me. hehehe).

Here it goes.

LOVE. I am over it. I has had my share of katangan and ka-martiran, and that's finished. I am so done with my past slash first ever romantic relationship. I am happy for him, but I am happier for myself. Getting over everything was really a tough one for me. But at last, we can now continue our journeys separately. But hey, I believe we remain good friends, and I think that's what we are good at for each other. A new one's coming my way? That I do not know yet.

FAMILY. Same issues, same people, but one thing's for sure, they are my source of strength. The God above has been good to us despite our imperfections as a family. Ours is not perfect, not the way other people thought it was. I am just thankful that I am at ease with how my family is doing right now. Time really passes so fast. The next thing we know, perhaps one of us will start a new family as well. Wow, we're really getting bigger now.

FRIENDS. I am happy with how my relationships with my friends are. Everything is smooth-sailing. There may have been times when some of us misunderstood one another, good thing is, everything was patched up. I am happy that I am gaining new friends. I am happy about the fact that someone's going to touch my life, and perhaps I to their lives as well.

WORK. If there's one thing that could be associated to the saying, "nothing's constant but change," that would be work. Everything changes in no particular time, moment, place, or season. I guess just like in romantic relationships, when it's not for you, it will never be yours. The right job would come along. It may not be today, but for sure it will come. All we have to do is to continue searching for it. After all, it won't find you, you have to.

DREAMS. I am starting to do some things in fulfillment of my dreams. I am doing things one step at a time. I know I will reach them someday. I just need to back myself up with a lot lot more patience and determination. Nothing is handed to you easily, you have to work hard for it. I know I will catch them soon. I just have to hold on to it, believe, and do my part in realizing them.

FAITH. If there's one thing I am proud to have, that is my faith. In whatever situation I am in, my faith is my shield. I continue living my life inspite and despite everything because of my faith. Living is not easy. It's a continuous cycle of rejoicing and disappointments, but if you have faith, everything will be easy to bear. Thanks God for He never abandoned me even during the times I even questioned Him about how my life's going.


Life is a continuous journey of learning. It's a never ending journey of good and bad times. You better be ready all the time.


precious said...

beys ba ko?hehe..

mukha nga..

ang dami tlgng issues ng buhay naten ano? its always up to us (and to God) how we could comprehend..yes, nosebleed! :lol:

Random Student said...

hi pam. very nice contemplations. tama na we only have one family and to even have one makes you blessed enough. We all contribute to how our family relations turns out everyday.

theLastJedi said...

as always, touching and revealing thoughts.. every cycle's end is the beginning of another.. enjoy the ride, pam.. =)

p0kw4ng said...

gusto ko ito...

"Life is a continuous journey of learning. It's a never ending journey of good and bad times. You better be ready all the time."

be ready at yung acceptance lagi sa bawat bagay na dumadating..pangit man o maganda...

gillboard said...

wala akong ibang maisip masabi sa post mo kundi...

'you go gurl!!'

ang mabuti sa'yo ay nakikita mo ang mga magagandang bagay sa mundo, kahit may hirap, di katulad ng iba dyan na puros pagmumukmok at pageemo lang ang ginagawa.

wait said...

Yes Life is a continuous journey of learning... we never stop growing as a person.

Pamie said...

@ateprecious: nice to know you're back! :)

@randomstudent: thanks for the comment. :)

@lastjedi: rest-assured i will really enjoy the ride! thanks for dropping by! :)

@pokw4ng: tama ka, whatever comes your way, dapat you're always ready to accept it wholeheartedly. :)

@gill: i believe kasi na masstress ka lang kung iisipin mo yung nega side, so magfocus nalang sa good things na nangyayari sayo, sasaya ka pa. :) salamat sa pagdaan. :)

@wait: korek. wala talagang katapusang pag-aaral ang buhay. :)

wait said...

Dito na ko magrereply sa comment mo.. Hehe

All rules are there to be broken.
If they couldn't be broken, they wouldn't be there.

If you obey all the rules, you will miss all the FUN.

Pamie said...

@wait: hehehe. do i need to contradict that? hmm.. i guess i just have to say, i agree. :)

ANIMUS said...

part oflife is on how wedeal with it.nice posts.

endym said...

nice insights.
maganda talaga if positive ang perspective in life and thru this, one will appreciate more the blessings life has given to us

Alkapon said...

very inspirational lahat ang nakasaad sa post mo.. ayos ito, magagmit sa pakikibaka ng buhay.

The most that i like is, yung definition about LOVE.. galeng