Saturday, November 14, 2009

And the Countdown Begins

Okay, you might be wondering why's that so. I am not talking about Christmas countdown here, though I am also looking forward to it. :)

Anyway, in about twenty-five days, I am going to celebrate my blog site's first year anniversary. Wow! I never thought this would last for a year (well, and counting). I am so excited and is looking forward to another blogging year with full of insights, thoughts, and realizations (as much as I could, it's going to be all positive), and of course, another year of meeting new co-bloggers while keeping a stronger blogging relationship with my co-bloggers now (i mean those in my blog list. :p).

In that note, though I know there's only a few of you who read my blog, I would want to solicit suggestions as to what I would be posting on my anniversary. I would want it to be really special. This blog is one of my babies, but just like parents, this is my favorite among my babies. :)

So guys, help me out here please. Please suggest a probable topic intended for my anniversary post. Thanks a lot and I'm really really looking forward to your suggestions.



By the way, there's something exciting that's about to happen in this blog site! Woah! So excited, really. Wanna take a wild guess? :p


FYI: I started blogging back in 2005 using Friendster's Blog feature (is that how you call it?). It's actually a little discovery I've had just recently. I almost forgot that I also have another blog site pa. :)


Writing is a passion I never thought I possess until my mom told me to pursue a degree in Journalism. I guess I owe that (discovery) to her.


Alkapon said...

ngayon pa lang binabati na kita.. advance happy anniversary. ako 1 month pa lang the other day.

yiN said...

eheheehe. conraschuleyshens pamie! keep it up. bahala ka kaw magdecide kung anong topic, blog mo to eh, di ba. dantaon pa para sa yo at blog mo wiiiiiiiiiiiih!

Random Student said...

siguro i'll leave the topic suggestions to other bloggers. what i suggest is a change in template or design. black is not you, pam. if you insist of using black, though, i still believe that you sincerely want to add something more to put your personality on the site. i hope you consider this. new blog year. sleeker, more pam-like look. congrats for staying this long online. looking forward to more of your insightful posts. keep them coming!

Pamie said...

@alkapon and yin: maraming salamat sa pagbati! :)

@Random student: yeah! isa po yun sa pagbabagong magaganap sa blog ko. new template is coming your way. something that would project my personality. :) salamat! :)

Sheenah said...

bagong layout at design? gusto ko yan! keep it up Pam! :)

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...

halu der! zup girl? wow. buti ka pa..ako, biglang nahinto sa pagblog dahil sa twitter..hehe..aun, ngaun, multiply naman pinagkakaabalahan ko..nakakatext mo ba si shea?

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...

ganun ba..hehe, dito na lang ako nako load e..

aun, nakamaternity leave xa for 2 months tas sabi nya, magreresign na nya pagbalik nya...