Friday, May 29, 2009

Birthday Wish '09

Yuri, my pretty friend once asked me, "If you have one wish on your birthday, what would it be?" Jokingly I answered him,
"Umm...peace and happiness." Indeed, it was a sooo miss universe answer.

But kidding aside, I kept on thinking about it. What would be my birthday wish for this year? After Pondering on it for quite
awhile, i realized that there's only one thing that matters to me now, like how it matters to the world. I came up realizing
that all I want to ask for my birthday is, Love.

I know I'm so loved by the people around me. So basically, it's the other kind of love. The special one. I realized, a
person's life is incomplete without that someone whom you could share your life and dreams with.

As a verse of a song says, "I've still been searching, and long have I waited, for someone to love me as me." I don't need a
Romeo and Juliet kind of love story, neither do I wish to have a Cinderella nor Sleeping Beauty's happily ever after stories
with their princes. All I need is a unique love story perfectly written just for me.

A lot of people thought I am the kind of person who is hard to fall in love with. They thought loving me is the hardest thing to
to do, and that hurting me is a crazy thing that only a crazy man could do. But indeed, it's so untrue.

I am a nobody, I am just me. A person who hopes and wishes for nothing but to be happy and fall in love for the rest of her
life. Loving has actually became my passion. A passion I wish to share with someone who could love me and nothing else but

I am perhaps someone unique and a rare to find kind of girl for others, but honestly, I am just like any ordinary girls who wish
for a happy ending. Well, who doesn't anyway?

So if my dear friend would ask me again, "What is your birthday wish?" Without any second thought, the answer would be, "Love."

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