Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Almost Over

Okay, it's not about people breaking up. After all, I have no one to break up with (hahaha).
I'm actually talking about school here. I don't know if I have mentioned in my past blogs that I have gone back to school. Not permanently though, just for two months.

We're actually on our mid before the finals. About three weeks more to go and we're done. Oh, I'll surely miss going to school, especially that I go there twice a week. I'll miss the hustle and bustle of going to school. We may have less assignments/requirements as a regular student, but still, I love the idea of being at school and dealing with professionals from prestigious companies in the country. I love the fact of being in a room with people who share the same passion as I am (passion of getting more knowledge than usual).

Anyways, like I've said, we're way in the middle of the school term. Almost done. But then again, it doesn't necessarily mean that I'll be sitting pretty already, because actually, the hustle and bustle have just started. I'm startled knowing that we have to pass an advocacy paper slash marketing paper as our final requirement. in just a short period of time! Now my head starts to ache big time! Nevertheless, I still love it! :)

By the way, I would want to share a first-time experience I've had lately. If you have time, you may read THIS.


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kikilabotz said...

naks bago na ang pics mo pam..ahihih.. uhm talga galing nmn at nagstudy k pala eh. ^_^ Godbless ^_^

Pamela said...

nyak. napansin mo pala. anyway, nag-update nako ng theme at lahat maliban lang sa picture. kaya naisipan kong i-update na din sya. :)

salamat sa palagiang pagbisita. :)

God bless too.

gillboard said...

pano yung 2 months study? and for what?

umuusyoso lang. :P

congrats in advance!!

Pamela said...

@gillboard: marketing comm. management. i'm taking it sa DLSU RCBC campus. :)

you can check it over the net. :)

Thanks much. :)

Rej said...

nice. masarap talagang mag-aral. mas mayaman kasi maging estudyante kesa nagtatrabaho na parating butas ang bulsa. bwahaha! God bless! :)