Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Wednesday

I passed by Greenhills last night and saw the construction of their famous belen. As the taxi traverse the road going to my place, seeing that scene made me realize that yes, it's Christmas season again, in days time.

Time flies so fast that sometimes we don't even know it's too late already. Too late for things that should've been done. Too late for words that should've been spoken. I myself is a victim of how time could steal those precious could have beens.

It's past half of the second half of the year, yet I still couldn't figure out what changes have been except the facts that I moved from one company to another, tried to start fulfilling something yet had to abandon it for awhile as I had to prioritize things, and what else? 

A lot of things happened, yet still, here I am, still have lots of questions left unanswered. That makes me wonder now, when will I get those answers? Should I wait until that day comes, or should I discover them myself?

Lately, I was trying to keep myself interested in a lot of things. Keeping myself busy with work and other things. But there were times I was caught in the middle of nowhere trying to figure out if these were really making my time worthwhile. 

No, I am not emo. I'm just trying to figure out something. I'm just unloading the queries deep in my brain and yes, deep in my heart. Nobody could answer them except myself. I know that for sure, and I am just so excited for that day. 

Another day is about to end. Funny how I wasn't able to feel that. Anyway, tonight I'm going to sleep, and perhaps wake up again tomorrow. Now I wonder, would tomorrow be the day I've been waiting for? I'll figure that out. :)


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Life Moto said...

as i read the first line akala ko late na ang post mo but update pa lang. biis talaga ng panahon ang hindi mo namamalayan na pasko again. thanks for visit. have a nice day!

lucas said...

A lot of people think that if you think too deep, you're an emo. I get that a lot...hehe...

in two weeks BER months na...

fiel-kun said...

Waah, ilang days na nga lang pala at Pasko na naman! parang kelan lang ah... 100+ days na lang ba? *checks calendar*

haayz, same here. Minsan talaga di maiwasan ng isang tao na maging emo... lalo na ngayon, tag-ulan... naka dungaw sa bintana, habang pinagmamasdan ang pagpatak ng ulan XD

Jag said...

Riding on the same boat here...: (

Fickle Cattle said...

That's what time does. It passes. Sometimes we're incredibly aware of it, some we aren't.

Artiemous said...

nakikibasa at nakikidaan. :)