Thursday, February 12, 2009

So what about IT?

Anywhere you go there’s these heart shaped items. There’s this commonality with regards to the color that surrounds almost every corner, it varies between the shades of red and pink, purple is also in.

Turn the radio on; you’ll hear almost all types of love songs that they could play. Try to turn on your television and you’ll see, they’re all talking about things that define love. Read the broadsheets or even the cheap tabloids, the headlines are surveys about how sweet Filipinos are, how they truly believe in this and that. It’s all about the four letter word, love!

Out of nowhere, I came to realize that it’s almost Valentine’s. So what’s about it anyway? I am not bitter about that day, I just couldn’t get it. I mean, I couldn’t understand why people have to celebrate that day.

I remember back when I was in my college days, every time that day in the year comes, I’ll encounter a lot of flower vendors in the street, cross-paths with people who has a bundle or should I say a bouquet of flowers, or if not a box of chocolates, or a paper bag that carries almost all the sizes and classes of stuff toys with them, the nearby fast food chains are full of “lovers,” a lot are wearing almost the same color of clothes.

So what’s with the day really? I mean, why do people have to indulge themselves with those things? Things that they only do during that time of the year. Honestly, I kept on asking my colleagues and friends about the essence of V-day. Apparently, they and I share the same thoughts. What does it really means?

I am not against it. I am just worried with the fact that I think we tend to oblige ourselves to be so sweet during V-day, when in fact, we can be sweet everyday. It saddens me that people only give sweet-nothings during this day when in fact, there are 365 days in a year. Some said that at least, there’s this day wherein people could show how they love their loved ones. On contrary I say, why not do it everyday instead of doing it once a year? Why not celebrate even during ordinary days, instead of jiving with what the majority is doing on V-day? What do you think? Does it mean, people are really obliged to be the sweetest “just” during V-day? What is its true essence anyway?


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