Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Second Great Copycat: The New Face of the Filipino Music Industry?

It was just a usual Saturday morning for me. After doing my daily morning routine, I went up back to my room, looked for my phone, and then, tuned on the radio. I was scanning over the different FM stations in the metro today when I landed to – as far as their campaign or should I say company advertisement is concern – the number one in the said field.

Apparently, as expected, there’s this girl with an irritating tone of voice, spieling her usual nasty or should I say doubled meaning jokes. With her is her partner who seems to be her male counterpart. They kept on talking about this and that, well actually, out of this world stuff that makes them laugh every after their spiels. I was wondering what’s funny with what they’re saying.

Anyway, after their so out of this world conversation, they played a song which sounded like one of the most famous singles nowadays. At first, I thought they just really sounded alike. But, as the song goes on – I was actually singing along with its English version – I realized that it was really it. It’s just that the one being played is in Tagalog version.

I stopped and listen to it. I was so dismayed after hearing the whole thing. Originally, the song is amazing. It’s actually one of the classic love songs which was revised by an American artist. I love the song that’s why I was really devastated when I heard it being sang in a Tagalized version.

Well actually, it wasn’t the first time that I heard an English song translated into our native language. There’s actually a lot, which really bugs me. I just couldn’t get it. I couldn’t understand why Filipino artists do have to indulge into such kind of business when we have a lot of excellent song writers. Why can’t they just stick into singing their original songs instead of revising and translating these foreign songs and eventually owning them?

Come to think of it, what if they’re in the shoes of Rihanna, Chris Brown, David Cook, and all the other foreign artists who own a lot of hit songs, which are being remade and translated, won’t they feel bad about it?

I am a great believer that Filipino musicians are gifted. I am a great believer that Filipino singers and composers are far better than any other foreign artists. But it saddens me that nowadays, our musicians seem to be degrading not just their worth but the music industry in totality. That’s why this thought came into my mind, are we really just going to be great imitators all our lives? Are we just going to be second grate trying hard copycats up until we breathe our last breath? Well, I guess readers of this post should answer those themselves.


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