Monday, December 29, 2008

in time...i'll know

it's hard to explain...but yes...i can't hold back the tears that's falling in my eyes...can't bear it anymore...but i won't, still, give up...i know, things will be a lot better, in God's perfect time...i may be in shadow of despair at the moment, but in time, i know...God will lead me to the right path He has in stored for me...i am in confusion though, because of the premise i had...i realized, nobody is indeed perfect, and that not at all times, i'll be in the bed of roses...too bad i can't blame any but my self...but in spite of it all, i stand still, maybe because of the faith i have that in time, things will be just exactly how i want it to be...or best, how God wants it to be...i know it won't be the last time i'm gonna be at this phase in my life...i time, i'll be at the peak of what they call, success...i don't know how to explain it, but yes...i'm troubled by the thought that i might quit the fight...but yes, as what i've said, as long as i have faith...and i believe that God will in time lead me to that perfect path, which was specially made for i weep...but in His perfect time...i'll laugh out loud like a child who got a star from school...or most probably, like a child who got that candy from his dad's pocket...this is my now....tomorrow would be MY PERFECT TIME...

[Nov 21, '08 5:07 PM]

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