Monday, October 4, 2010

Overwhelming with Appreciation

Aside from the note below my every post since I was nominated, I had no other means of spreading the word that I am a PEBA Supporter Nominee.

So seeing the numbers above just make me feel so overwhelmed. I am just so grateful to those people who casted their vote on me. I am happy and thankful to those - as of the moment - twenty-two bloggers who voted for my blog post.

Aside from those, I also am grateful to those who commented in my blog post. Thank you so much for the kind words. I was never the type who joins contests, so being this as my first time, I'd have to say, it's worth trying some other time again.

I am truly amazed with the growing number of page views in this blog site. It's not earning anything, I tell you. But having all those visitors from  all over the world because of my nomination is enough for me to keep this blog going.

Again, thank you for those who stumbled in my blogsite, voted, and commented. I'm happy to know that you liked my simple thoughts. :)

Really, I am just overwhelming with happiness and appreciation. :)


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gillboard said...

good luck with your nomination. and congratulations!!! :)

Traveliztera said...

Being a nominee and having people voting for you (even though u have no other means of spreading the fact that you're a nominee) are enough to declare u a winner. :D

Pamela said...

@gillboard: thank you. :)

@travelistera: i have to agree. and the fact that i actually have no knowledge who these people are, i am already a winner. thanks for dropping by. :) feel free to visit every now and then - as i will do the same. :)

The Pope said...

With your post, you have created a network of blogging friends around you.

I am glad that you joined PEBA 2010. Count your blessings.

Pamela said...

@Pope: Thanks to you Pope. Thank you for encouraging me to join. :)