Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Before Monday

It’s exactly seven days to go before the 2010 national elections. Most probably most of us are excited on what’s going to happen on that day and the days after. This is the first time that we are on automated elections. So expect both the best and the worst from it.

Just awhile ago, I was watching the news, and it scares me that there are some troubles going on with regards to the PCOS machines, which will count our votes come May 10. According to the news, based on the mock election held today on different venues, some machines did not count or recognize the votes specifically on the municipal levels.

The COMELEC and the Smartmatic said that they are going to give attention to these issues. Probably they said, the paper used for the sample PCOS counting was the one to be blamed. Whatever the reason is behind the failure of the machine to count votes, it is still scary.

I do not want to pre-empt what’s going to happen on May 10, but let’s face it. What if all the other machines have the same problem? Does this mean, the probability of declaring Failure of Election is high? The time is short. Manual counting could be on the rescue, but like what I have said, we have too little time.

This is going to be my second time to vote. First time though on the national level. Just like everyone else, I do not want my vote to be put to waste. This election is not just a hot one but definitely a record breaking history. Let it not be a history of failure though, but a history of success.

God bless this nation, and may we all be guided by the Holy Spirit so we’d vote wisely and according to our conscience and not anything else.


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gillboard said...

Right now, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope everything will be fine next Monday.

kikilabotz said...

everything wil be ok. i hope so

Rej said...

sana lang talaga sa pagkakataong ito maideklarang panalo ang tunay na mananalo.