Thursday, April 9, 2009


It has been said that,

“No man is an island.”

Indeed, nobody could live alone. No one could spend their whole lives doing stuff themselves. No one could be such a lonely person – as usually described. Having friends and family around do really makes us feel good especially during trying times – and even during joyful ones.

Though having a lot of people around makes us feel good, I believe that spending time alone makes a big difference. As for me, it makes me feel somehow better especially when facing my short comings. Whether you agree with me or not, it doesn’t really matter. After all, it’s me who’s talking here.

Anyway, being alone makes me do the things I want to do without anyone to bug me. Being alone allows me to think hard, analyze matters that are important to me, have some realizations, and all the other senti stuff.

Spending some time alone brings me a lot of benefits like: I can go and explore the mall without bugging my self not to take long because someone’s with me, or perhaps be pressured because my buddies might get pissed off of the things I do. I can do things like read books as long as I want to somewhere (I recommend Bestsellers in Rob Galleria! Best spot would be at the second floor..hehehe), I can write whatever I want (having someone around while writing do sometimes makes me feel irritated, so I’d rather –really- be alone), and all the other stuff you usually do.

On the other side, it as well been said that,

“Being alone means being lonely.”

I totally disagree to that! Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely – not at all! Actually, based from my own experience, being alone allows you to exercise total freedom, which apparently means, being happy (Note: But I also believe that too much freedom is dangerous. Hehe)! Yes, not because you’re alone means all you have to do is sob or maybe feel bad because nobody wants to be with you, and blah blah blah.

Synonymous to the word alone is being ‘on your own’ or ‘by yourself,’ which means being able to do things independently, which on the contrary means being a courageous person. Yup! Being able to stand alone is a brave thing because not everyone has the capability to do that. Not everyone could stand being such a loner. So if you’re one of us –who loves being alone or at least takes some time to be alone- then you should be proud of yourself!

I guess giving yourself the chance to be alone is like giving yourself the opportunity to experience serenity and allowing yourself to know you more. It does lead us to recognizing our one true self. For me, that’s the greatest gift that being alone gives. The gift of never-ending self-discovery.

Note: But being alone for life is TOTALLY not recommended here. :D


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